Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Compromising the Compromised Compromise

So there's a Democrat in the White House and both houses of Congress have Democratic majorities. Right? I could SWEAR that's where things stood last time I checked. So why do these people continue to whittle down health care reform?

Health care costs too much. Businesses can't afford to provide it for their employees. State governments are having a hard time providing it to their employees. Stand alone citizens are having a difficult time providing it for themselves. The people who can't afford it, just don't have it and have to hope they don't need it. Ever.

But the companies in the health care game are raking it in.

In my view, health care should not be a business. There should not be a health care "market". As a species, I feel we owe it to ourselves to provide for ourselves the best care for the health and survival of the body so that we can experience life. I think we should make it a human RIGHT.

Easiest way to do that? Single payer system. We pay taxes, taxes pay for health care. For ALL. Just because.

But of course the real world requires a compromise. Enter the Public Option. Compromise #1. Allow citizens to opt in to a government-run option to compete with insurance companies to help bring the cost of health care down. Because THAT's the problem, you'll remember. It looked like we were going to get the public option when the reform package left the House of Representatives.

But it got scrapped in the Senate. Apparently The Club thought it would be too popular and successful and their Owners would lose too much money. They say it's an unwanted intrusion into the health care system. Unwanted by whom? If it's unwanted, it won't get used and is therefor not a problem. The problem is it IS wanted! A Survey USA poll shows up to 77% of Americans WANT THE PUBLIC OPTION!

So they decided instead of a public option, they'd at least open up Medicare to younger citizens and help cover a FEW more people than today. Not even close to substantial reform, but it's something. Compromise #2.

But TODAY there's talk that Dems are scrapping THAT, too! They're apparently afraid they won't get the package passed before Christmas. They're more worried about getting it done before an arguably arbitrary date than they are giving the American people what they want and deserve! Compromise #3.

So I'm confused. After this, where is the reform in health care reform? What's going to substantially change, at all, let alone reduce the cost of providing health care to companies and individuals in this supposed greatest nation on the planet with the supposedly best health care system?

There's no reform left. It's all been compromised away by a bunch of frightened little schmucks who have the power to do real good for the people of this country but are too scared of how it hurts their shot at reelection. Or perhaps they're worried about losing the GREAT HEALTH CARE that comes with being a legislator at the federal level?!

Where is there an incumbent (after all, they're ALL incumbents) who will put the good of her/his constituency above their personal political ambitions? One could say it's incumbent upon them.

I swear if substantial health care isn't passed because this group of bastards sold us all out, I will be a VERY loud voice for firing every one of them. Every last one, regardless of party - because as you know the American Deviant is an independent voter. Emphasis on voter.

They're failing us.

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