Friday, March 5, 2010

The Wrong Way

John Patrick Bedell. 36. Grad student. Well-educated. Well-dressed. 9/11 conspiracy theorist.


Last night, Bedell walked up to the underground gates to the Pentagon wearing a suit, pulled out a gun and shot two security officers. They fired back. They survived. Bedell has since died.

This fills me with sadness. We have lost someone who could have actually lent some credence to the Truth Movement. He could have been a contributing member of a society that values honesty, transparency and openness in government.

Instead, he's dead. Not only that, but he'll be called a terrorist. He'll be automotically discounted, discredited and brushed aside in the mind of the public - and it's the public we have to reach. He's actually harmed the movement by reinforcing the prevailing narrative that 9/11 Truthers are just the lunatic fringe's latest inhabitants. Crazy people. Dangerous people. Not to be trusted. Certainly not to be entertained. And now we're down a man.

This is the WRONG WAY to go about getting what we want, folks! Violence? Really? This is your answer? This is your solution, Bedell? Idiot.

Violence is what got us here. Violence is what The Owners committed on 9/11. Ignorance is what keeps the Truth hidden. This action only encourages the populace to discredit the movement and remain ignorant. Peace and understanding is what we need. John Patrick Bedell has given us the opposite, violence and ignorance.

You may have been intelligent. You may have been a patriot. You may have had justifiable anger - most certainly so. But your action wasn't intelligent, or patriotic, or justifiable.

Shame on John Patrick Bedell. The 9/11 Truth Movement needs to discount and discredit this individual and condemn his action immediately and loudly. This man cannot be allowed to represent us in the minds of Americans who would otherwise be open to examining the blatant piles of evidence that 9/11 was orchestrated by a military industrial complex controlled by people whose names we'll probably never know.

But we don't need to know their names. We only need all the world to realize what they really did, and why. We don't need to know their names to turn away from the future they're pushing us toward.

We can choose differently. I wish John Patrick Bedell had.

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