Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bye, bye, Barack.

I was a huge supporter of Barack Obama once upon a time. I remember a February snow storm where we thousands crammed into schools and churches across Kansas to stand up and caucus for Hope and Change. I remember the rock concerts that were the acceptance speech and inauguration. Oprah wasn't the only one who cried tears of relief and joy. I was right there with her.

Then came the expansion of the war in Afghanistan - and by extension the expansion of the lie that is the War on Terror.

And then came Obama's practically nonexistent leadership on healthcare reform. Maybe he thought he was "leading" by allowing Congress to figure it out. The process got drawn out. Concession after capitulation was made to Republicans because for whatever reason Barack wanted this thing to be bipartisan, which it never would be. And even after all the gimme's, every last Republican said NO. So now we've got what we're getting, which isn't what the people wanted. Sure isn't even in the ballpark regarding what I personally want for this country's healthcare system. First big test: FAILED.

And ultimately, last week came the announcement from the Obama Administration that we'll be expanding oil drilling in coastal areas.

What. The. Fuck.

Can you say regression? George W. Obama? There is NOTHING more important than fighting climate change. For any country. We are all on one planet. We all breath the same atmosphere. America is the worst polluter by far, and it behooves us to turn back the dial yesterday on this thing...not perpetuate the system that brought us to the brink!

So, Barack Obama - I will support you insofar as you are President of the United States. I will support you insofar as you stand for anything I stand for. And when the next election comes around, I will vote for someone else. Someone who stands no chance of winning. But someone who reflects my ideals better than you, sir.

Furthermore, I cannot drive around with your name on my car. It clung on stubbornly, but yesterday I scratched and scraped the Obama bumper sticker with the peace sign for an 'O' right the fuck off my car! And replaced it with a fantastical campaign sticker for a team that will never happen except in my idealistic dreams.

Because that's the message I want to send people. My ideals. And the name of Barack Obama no longer reflects them.



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