Friday, May 7, 2010

How Life Flows

I receive daily email updates from TV News Lies. By the way, I totally recommend subscribing to their newsletter. It's wicked informative, and easier than hunting for stuff on their website.

The trouble with TVNL is it's almost always chalk full of the real shit that's going on in this world. Almost always negative. Almost always depressing. Important! But depressing. People suck, and TVNL is there to tell you all about it.

But not all news is bad news. That's why there's Ode Magazine! Like TVNL's, it's a daily email called "And Now for the Good News..." I LOVE Ode's daily email! Unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be as much good news in the world, but there are some real gems in there. You should subscribe and check it out.

Anyway, the point of this post was that after reading the headlines from TV News Lies, it just seems appropriate that my next email starts with the subject header "And Now for the Good News..."

That's how life flows sometimes. Hail serendipity.

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