Friday, June 18, 2010

Changing the Conversation About Energy Independence

WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE READING THIS BLOG (it couldn't be more worth your time)!

I like to consider myself a pretty bullshit-savvy guy. But when the bullshit is sold to us by EVERY politician across the spectrum for 30+ years, it's hard to not buy it.

To what bullshit am I referring? The complete LIE that there is such a thing as energy independence when it comes to oil. Last night Rachel Maddow opened my eyes to a truth I want to shout from the roof tops.
"There is no such thing as a separate foreign oil supply and a domestic one. Oil drilled here gets trucked to the international market, where we buy it just like every other country."
What this means is "Drill, Baby, Drill" was already misguided - even if you thought getting our oil from American sources would make us more independent as a country.  The bitch of it is, it WOULDN'T and WON'T!  And Barack Obama, John McCain, and every other major politician talking about drilling more American oil already knows this.  Sarah Palin...doubtful.  I say that simply because it's impossible for me to fathom a world where she's smarter than me.  About anything except field dressing a moose.

And because you now know that they know and are selling you a line of bullshit...well, what does that mean to you?  Barack Obama is selling you bullshit.  You can want to believe he plays it straight with you as badly as I do - and I do - but the truth is he's snaking you as bad as any Republican.

Rachel Maddow is right.  It's time to change the conversation about "energy independence", because it will never ever ever ever come from oil.  It is impossible to drill more here so we don't get it from there, because everyone in every country gets it from the same international market.  The only thing drilling here does is make American oil folk richer.  And I think we've just struck incentive for a giant, pervasive, decades-old lie.

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