Tuesday, February 8, 2011

W.: Stuck in America

It's a good thing for George W. Bush he loves America so much.  Unless he wants to be arrested for war crimes, it looks as if he'll be spending the duration of his life here. 

According to The Guardian U.K., the cancelled trip to Switzerland is just the beginning.  Human rights groups outraged by Bush's admitted use of torture techniques in the Lie Against Terror have promised to track his every move - and if he dares to step foot outside his now relatively small circle of protection, he will go down.

"The reach of the convention against torture is wide. This case is prepared and will be waiting for him wherever he travels next."

Of course, Bush's staff alledged the Switzerland trip was cancelled due to fear of protests - but if the man truly feared a little protest he wouldn't have attended his first inauguration after stealing the presidency from Al Gore.  It's just another lie from The Real Evil Doer to cover up a severe embarrassment; that the former leader of the "free" world is now stuck in his own country. 

So, welcome to Amurrika, Georgie.  Shall I send you a post card from Switzerland?

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