Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prophesy or prattle? Sharing a dream

Today I awoke with a dream fresh in my mind. Because it felt somewhat predictive, and because it didn't seem to have any personal content that might embarrass myself or anyone close to me, I thought I'd write about it. Maybe some of you have ideas on the dream's meaning.

There was a single building. Inside were two halves. On the north side there was a dance club or party.  There was loud modern dance music and lots of colorful moving lights. There were lots of people dancing and having a good time there. On the south side was a sit-down restaurant. It was a quite setting and I don't recall the noise from next door invading this space.  There were no doors between the parts of the building; the groups were completely isolated from each other.  It was night outside.

The fire alarm went off on the restaurant side, where my awareness was at that time. I can't say I was a participant.  I was really just observing.  There didn't seem to be any immediate danger and the folks inside didn't panic.  They just started moving toward the door in an orderly fashion.  It seemed as if maybe someone pulled the alarm as a prank - but it's unclear.

As everyone from the restaurant side was filing out the door on the west side, they became aware of the partiers in the other part of the building. Some went inside to warn them of the alarm, but the alarm didn't seem to be sounding on that side.

They decided to continue on with their celebration, unafraid of any danger. They didn't believe it wasn't a real situation either. However, a man who seemed to be "mayor" of this group of people or town in which the building was located wanted to make them get out since he and the others had to. It wasn't as if he was truly concerned for the folks dancing - he just wanted them to be inconvenienced, too.

I don't think they ever came out.

My personal interpretation of this dream: It felt predictive. It seems to herald a coming event that will be as an alarm to the traditional, family-oriented people of the world. The alarm will come from their side of society. Those who are just busy being happy and enjoying life won't take it seriously and probably don't need to.

That said, it seems the world's leaders may want to make them obey the alarm because it's what they're supposed to do, and everyone else has to.

But what about you?  Do you have a different interpretation of this dream?  I'd love to hear it!  You know where the comment box is. 

Peace!  To both sides of the building.

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  1. I didn't want to leave you hanging without a comment, maybe someone who believes will step up.

    I really don't buy into the whole dream interpretation thing... at least on every dream.

    I think the interpretations become like horoscopes, it doesn't matter what sign is attached to it... the reader will find a way to make it fit their lives, or move on to the next day.

    Having said that, I don't think you are far off. You have a belief and a blog that has a certain rose colored glasses being raised perspective that society doesn't have. I could easily see the preparatory restaurant side, and the carefree partying side.


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