Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video: UFOs observe Oklahoma tornado

The first time I saw this video, my boss showed it to me.  He sold it as a tornado hitting a semi truck. I immediately complained about washed out vid. 

We're TV people.  We work in TV every day.  As much money as local stations spend to send helicopters up to capture what they hope is amazing video that will win them viewers, you'd think they'd make sure the picture is good.  Trust me when I say that budgets for expenditures like helicopter aerials shrink yearly.  It's gotta be an extraordinary situation and if you bring back crappy video, God help you.

Now I think I know why the video was so washed out initially.  I meant to download it and increase the contrast myself just so I could better see the tornado hitting the truck. 

Like the multiple videos of UFOs around erupting volcanos and the tsunami in Japan, it seems our space friends are either observing these phenomena in 2011...or perhaps they're working to mitigate the severity of them.

The video below has had the contrast enhanced so you can really see what's going on.  It's direct from KOCO - so you know it's not fudged.  Those are not lights on the ground.  They're in the air, and they're moving.  I implore you to use Occam's Razor to determine what they could be.

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