Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wichita Chamber: Just say NO to W.

The following is an email I've just sent to the Wichita Chamber of Commerce imploring that they retract their invitation to have George W. Bush speak.  I would encourage other Wichitans to do the same.  If a phone call is more your style, try 316-265-7771. The email address is

Dear Wichita Chamber of Commerce:

I would strongly encourage you to rescind your invitation to allow George W. Bush to speak in Wichita. I'm forced to question the intelligence of such a decision as to use Wichita businesses' chamber dues to pay the fee of a person who has brought so much suffering to this planet. Aside from making decisions that have led to the loss of more than a million lives, including scores from our own state not to mention the rest of our country, the supposed leadership of this man led our nation and the globe into an economic crisis and depression. He's a failed businessman himself who had every opportunity to do well. How many Wichita businesses are headed by folks who would love to have George W. Bush's connections? And still he couldn't run a business!

George W. Bush is a failure as a leader. He's a failure as a CEO. And he's responsible for unnecessary and illegal wars that still rage - and kill - today. What about this legacy could possibly make you think he should be given a podium from which to speak in our fair city?

For the love of all that is good, please retract your invitation to have him speak here. If you do not, rest assured I will join many others who will protest him and your decision loudly and visually during and even days before his speaking engagement.

Very sincerely,

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