Friday, October 7, 2011

The Power of NO

We've got judges telling us we don't have the right to choose what we eat, a secret panel of "senior government officials" can now put any American on a kill list for the CIA to take out, California is giving cops the right to search through your cell phone, and the federal government is superceding 15-year-old state laws and warning all medical marijuana dispensaries in California to shut down or else. Christ, they're even raiding kids' lemonade stands!

It's like they want us to rise up.  At a time when Americans are coming together to voice their anger to power like they haven't since the Vietnam Era, that very power is escalating the assault on freedom at the core of many Americans' discontent.  It's either idiocy on the part of government or a planned maneuver.  Whether the intent is to tamp down an uprising out of fear of further crackdowns or the fomentation of full on revolution so they have an excuse to impose martial law is unknown.

This is no longer America.  It's not the America we grew up with.  It's not the America we were promised as children.  It's not the America we want our children to inherit.  So you can bet your ass We the People are going to do something about it!

It's time we harness the power of NO!  No more.  There are a whole lot more of us than there are of them, and it's time we stop bending to their will and start asserting ours.  It's time to say NO to the erosion of personal freedom.  It's time the citizens united against Citizens United and say NO to corporate personhood.  It's time to say NO to the Federal Reserve.  It's time to say NO to corporate money in politics.  It's time to say NO to expanding executive power and the death of due process. 

Where, When, and How
This is our moment, my sisters and brothers.  This moment.  This movement.  It's time to Occupy Together and find our common ground.  We don't all agree on everything, but we agre on enough to demand and FORCE radical change in America and the around the globe.  The corporations that run this show are multi-national, so it's time to make this protest movement global by making it happen EVERYWHERE. 

Where: I don't know where you live, reader, but I live in Wichita, KS.  The middle of America.  And that's where I plan to make my voice heard.  I encourage you to focus your inner leader and form a demonstration where you live.  Or find one to join. 

When: October 15.  There will be global protests on that day.  Join us. 

HowOccupy Together.  This website has become the nationwide answer to what started as Occupy Wall Street.  There are protests and outright occupations springing up across America.  Click here to join one or start one in your own town. 

 If you live in Wichita, I implore you to join the demonstration here on that day.  Click here for information and to join.  But you don't have to wait until October 15.  There are daily ongoing Occupations in Wichita.  Click here to learn more.

I think it's important to admonish everyone to remember we have to be UNITED if we truly want to see real change from this growing movement.  Look, you're not going to agree with everything everyone else in this movement wants.  They're not going to agree with everything you want.  We have to have to HAVE TO find - and hold - the common ground!  It's the ONLY way to accomplish anything.  If we waste time focusing on what we don't agree on, we'll be divided and conquered by the powerful vested interests who are truly becoming frightened by the surge in passion and anger. 

So how 'bout it, Americans?  Are you ready to rise up?  Are you ready to demand this country changes the way it operates?  Are you ready to exercise the power of NO?

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