Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thursday: Tolec and the end of the space war

Imagine a war in space - between extraterrestrial civilizations - for our future. This is no sci-fi thriller plot, but reality. Or at least it was, according to our guest Tolec - a person from our world who says he's also a contactee and representative of an intergalactic body known as the Andromeda Council. 
While UFO sightings and ancient prophesies may bubble up to the mainstream media, this facet of the unfolding 2012 scenario is largely unknown to all but the most ardent seekers. But those initiated few are neither strangers to news of a space war, nor to the name Tolec. He has come to prominence in the 2012 underground following interviews with Alfred Webre, Lisa Harrison and many others.
Thursday at 10pm Central, don't miss this special episode as Tolec explains the space war is basically over, and the good guys have won!  Hear specific details about a final operation that is now it the cleanup stage, and other aspects of the on-going transition on this planet as the Draco & Hydra Reptilian led 'Cabal' & 'Illuminati' highly malevolent power structure is being defeated, and dismantled...for good!

Tolec and the End of the Space War 04/05 by Extraordinary Year | Blog Talk Radio

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