Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chemtrail Truth Tonight

UPDATE (5pm Wednesday): Our guest just called to request we push it back a week. The chemtrail episode will now be NEXT Wednesday, May 23.  All the information below holds true.  We'll just do it a week from now.

TONIGHT: We'll discuss amongst ourselves and with callers the latest new & rumblings related to Free Energy, UFO Disclosure and the takedown of the Cabal.

Tonight's episode of Extraordinary Year promises to be one of the most important and engaging so far.  That's because I'll interview Michael J. Murphy, maker of the upcoming chemtrail and geoengineering documentary Why in the World Are They Spraying?, a follow up to the 2010 film What in the World Are They Spraying?  

Few subjects are more important.  Chemtrail planes spray a toxic mixture into our planet's atmosphere that filters down to cover every last square inch of Earth.  That's something that affects every living being on this planet.  You.  Your family.  Not to mention the trees and planet life we all depend on to transmute the carbon dioxide our civilization churns out into breathable oxygen.

Please, listen in to the show tonight.  We air live at 8pm Pacific / 9pm Mountain / 10pm Central / 11pm Eastern.  CLICK HERE to listen in live.

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