Friday, June 15, 2012

High Strangeness with Numbers

I have a number that has seemingly followed me around my entire adult life.  It's 1110.  When I was 19, I moved into 1110 Thurston in Manhattan, KS and lived there for years.  Since then, the number pops into my life regularly.  Many people notice a synchronicity with a particular time, especially 11:11.  Well, for me it's 11:10.  One night about a decade ago I was having beers after work with colleagues.  I told one such colleague about the weirdness surrounding this number in my life.  He was less than convinced, until I received my tab for the evening.  $11.10.  Not kidding.

I have another friend who has the same sort of thing with a number in his life.  For him, the number is 14.  We often tell each other about our particular number rearing its head.  This past weekend, that friends sent me a link to a page with facts about the number 14.

Among these seemingly trivial facts was the binary code for 14.

Can you guess what it is?


All these years, we've thought we each had a weird string of coincidences with two separate numbers.  In the end, it appears it was the same number all along.

Now, the only question is why.

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  1. May be you both incarnated for the first experience at the same moment knowingly?? And those binary digits is your fail safe reminder`s to reconnect hear on gia???


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