Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Flying Saucer Seen Around the World

Can we all finally just admit to ourselves as a civilization that we're being visited by other civilizations?

As I hoped for on the show this week, our galactic relatives used the auspicious opportunity presented in the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies to say hello.

Think about it.  As the world symbollically gathers during this year of 2012 predictions, during the opening celebration of that gathering, our friends officially announce their present to the nations of the planet all at once.  But instead of an obvious flying saucer materializing over every capitol building on the planet simultaenously, the job was done much more gently.  A single saucer, unmistakably visible for literally the world to see!

And now, the world can finally get beyond the ridiculous denials.  We can finally collectively accept that they're here, and they're not trying to kill us.  It's time.  We have to.  The world no longer has a choice.  We will all see this.  You have to be a complete human ostrich with your head in the sand to attempt to deny this.  And if you do, you might keep it to yourself.  After this, it'll be the UFO deniers everyone thinks are crazy.  After Mitt Romney publicly called the security of the Olympics into question, do you really suppose London would purposely allow something into the airspace above the stadium?

So whattaya say, world?  Let's just allow ourselves to admit beings from other worlds are here.  So we can take the next step.  Maybe we should start talking and figure out what that is.

I'm sure digital footage will surface, but someone in England was smart enough to video tape the live feed from Sky News.  I'm sure this footage was edited before NBC showed the ceremonies in the U.S.

But here it is, for the world to see:


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  3. a BLIMP??? One would NOT have been Allowed anywhere Near Fireworks! LOL Hydrogen and sparks, Don't play well together.

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  5. I think it was the Goodyear Blimp.

    BTW, blimps are filled with helium these days. Hydrogen hasn't been used in blimps since the Hindenberg.

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