Friday, September 14, 2012

Timewave Zero and PHA 2012 QG42

2012 may not fail to disappoint.  It might just be time for you to move to higher ground and away from fault lines, kids.  Maybe stock up on water and rations.  And maybe even poop your pants.

NASA's JPL Small Body Database predicts a close encounter
with PHA 2012 QG42 for September 16, 2012
According to NASA's JPL Small Body Database Browser, Asteroid PHA 2012 QG42 will come closest to Earth September 15.  That doesn't jive with a number of news articles which say it already came it's closest Thursday night. For the record, the PHA in the name of this flying rock stands for Potentially Hazardous Asteroid.  Yeah.

So why all the fuss if this asteroid is only the size of a skyscraper and was/will be a distant 1.7 million miles from our planet at its closest proximity?  Well, because it's not the only indication something big will happen to our planet in the next few days.

The late mathematician Terence McKenna developed a theory called Timewave Zero back in the early 1970s.  Now, I must admit I only became aware of this theory over the past 24 hours and have only a rudimentary understanding of it.  Basically, it's a complicated map based on the original I Ching system that proposes to determine the amount of novelty our planet will experience over time.  Also, it sets an end date for time.  All of time.  As in the end of time.

That date?  December 21, 2012 - a date McKenna claims to have arrived at before learning the ancient Mayans had set the same date as the end of their calendar so many millenia ago.

The dip in this chart predicts an extreme swing in
novelty on September 16-17, 2012 
So what does this have to do with the passing of a potentially hazardous asteroid?  Well, Timewave Zero doesn't just point to the end of time.  It maps "novelty" events happening before that singularity, and it predicts a whopping shift in novelty for September 16-17, 2012.

Now, even if McKenna's prediction proves true, PHA 2012 QG42 may not have anything to do with it.  Maybe something completely unseen will occur.  Or maybe Timewave Zero is complete bunk.  But what if it's not?

So let's run with this for a minute.  Let's say that something big will occur in the next couple days and that it will be related to this Near Earth Object.  What could happen related to the passing of an asteroid?  Well, certainly a very large object would exert some gravitational influence.  That might incite some tectonic phenomena from our planetary sphere.  Earthquakes.  Volcanoes.  Maybe even pole shift.  Energy and communications black outs could result.  Interruptions in services like municipal water supplies might cascade off such an event.  It may be a good idea to have some bottled water and canned/dried food handy for a few days.  But PHA 2012 QG42 isn't very big, and it'll be pretty far afield of the Earth.

What showed up on the ISS live feed?
So what if something happens completely unrelated to the asteroid?  What could it be?  When it comes to possibilities, the sky's the limit.  So maybe we should start looking there.  Maybe it could have something to do with First Contact.  NASA did quickly change cameras on the ISS live feed on September 11th when a giant space ship or object of some sort showed up, bringing a growing number of smaller bright orbs with it.  You can watch the video for yourself HERE.

Now, we know these guys are here and have been here for some time.  Probably all of human history, and then some.  We also know they can make themselves seen, or not.  The fact such a large group of objects was plainly seen on a live feed from NASA would seem to indicate they intended to be seen.  We know that several crop circles and channelings purported to be from extraterrestrials declared August 4, 2012 as a deadline for world governments to fess up about the extraterrestrial presence.  They did not.  Could the September 16-17 swing in novelty reflect the galactics taking matters into their own hands?  That certainly wouldn't suck as far as I'm concerned.

Whatever the case, Planet Earth will either see something extremely novel occur this weekend, or it won't.  If we do, you can bet we'll discuss it on the show Tuesday night.  That is, if there's still an internet.  I'm mostly joking.  Mostly.

And if nothing happens, you can kiss the credibility of Terrance McKenna and his Timewave Zero theory buh-bye.  Personally, I kinda hope something does happen.  I'm ready for the world to change, and all this talk about Election 2012 is boring the shit out of me.

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