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New Energy - How we can change the world together

It is my firm belief that we can change the world in a very big way, together.  I'm talking about the single biggest step forward our civilization could make right now.  How?  By implementing the new energy technologies that tap into the ambient energy saturating every part of the fabric of our universe.  Commonly referred to as "free energy", these devices and technologies take many forms.  Some utilize water, some electromagnetic energy, others sound waves, some a combination of these, plus more.

I am not talking about solar, wind, or geothermal energies.  I have nothing against these - and maybe they'll make good supplements to our new energy future - but I don't believe we should focus on them when these other technologies can provide much cleaner and cheaper energy, while also getting humanity unplugged from a grid (and from the need to pay utility bills!)

Which brings me to why you might not know about these technologies.  There are powerful interests who don't want you to know about them.  The most profitable and powerful industry on the planet, in fact!  The energy industry - and their owners, the big banks!  The possibility of so-called free energy goes back at least a century to the time of the great Nikola Tesla.  Since then (or before), the powerful interests which operate the unacknowledged shadow government that has been running this planet have suppressed the knowledge and technology using every means at their disposal.  The inventors' labs, notes and computers have been confiscated by federal governments under the guise of "national security".  Inventors and people who spread the word about their inventions have been beaten - and even killed.

The times, they are a-changin'!
There are just too many inventions to suppress.  Too many inventors to intimidate, beat or kill.  Too many people have awakened to the knowledge of the existence of these technologies.  Too many videos, articles and tutorials have been posted to the internet.

New Energy Movement President Joel Garbon told me in an interview recently that the suppression seems to be backing off, and he has firm hope these technologies will filter into the hands of humanity in the near future.

What do we stand to gain?
Imagine purchasing a single device, one time, that powers your entire home.  Small; portable enough to move with you to a new location.  This device exploits the literally limitless background energy of time and space. It has no moving parts to wear out.  You never again have to pay a utility company to power, cool or heat your home!  How much money did you just save each month?  Now add that up for a year.  Two years.  Ten years.

Imagine a mode of transportation that requires no fuel.  Imagine never having to drop $50-100 at a gas pump ever again.  Never having to contribute to the pollution on this planet just so you can get from Point A to B.  How much money did you just save?

It gets better!  Imagine these transport vehicles, large or small, don't even need tires.  They use magnetics to generate an independent gravity field in the shape of a bubble around the vehicle.  No need for tires.  No need for roads.  How much money would every government save if they didn't need to build and maintain a network of roads?  Imagine all the green space that could be freed up for other purposes!  Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Another huge benefit to moving folks around in their own gravity field: No more car accidents!  Because the gravity field for each vehicle exists independent of their surroundings, even if they collided the passengers wouldn't feel a thing.  No seat belts.  No injuries.  No deaths.  How much money did we just save in health insurance premiums, car insurance premiums, and funerary costs?  Those are just the tangibles.  That's 40,000 families that won't need to grieve over a loved one lost in an accident in the United States alone!  And that's just the deaths; what about devastating injuries and paralysis that would be avoided?  What about the long term health care costs associated with those?

When we add up the benefits to individual families pocket books, to governmental budgets, to the individual and collective well-being of our communities - as well as the well-being of Mother Earth - this is a no-brainer, kids!

Plus, consider how far we could advance as a planetary civilization if we funnel just a minuscule portion of these savings into honest scientific research and development of these technologies?  Furthermore, I haven't even touched on the implications for providing even the poorest on this planet with cheap, abundant sources of energy - or for feeding the world.

So what can you do to help?  
Educate yourself!  Learn about the different technologies and their implications.  Spread the word!  Make sure everyone you believe might be open to this knowledge is given a chance to examine it.  Support the inventors!  You'll know who they are after educating yourself.  Give what you can to make a better world for all.  Put pressure on elected officials!  Call and write your representatives, all the way to the top.  Sure, right now you can expect bureaucratic run-around and responses - but the louder this wheel squeaks the sooner it gets oiled!

Here are some resources you can use to educate yourself, spread the word, support the inventors and pressure governmental change.

Breakthrough Power
This book is a great in-depth look at these new technologies, many of the inventors, the history of suppression, and the implications for all of humanity and the future of our planetary civilization.  Co-authors Jeanne Manning and Joel Garbon were my first interview guests ever on Extraordinary Year exactly because I can think of no other topic that's more important to discuss!

CLICK HERE for the book on Kindle.
CLICK HERE for the book in paperback.

The Source Field Investigations
Another great book that does a terrific job of explaining the science behind new energy devices is David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations.  Reader beware:  This tome covers far more than just new energy technology and may completely remap your understanding of reality.  I highly recommend it!

CLICK HERE for the book on Kindle.
CLICK HERE for the book in paperback.

Pure Energy Systems News
Pure Energy Systems is the online home of New Energy Congress co-founder Sterling Allan.  This site is stacked with information!  This is a great location to stay on top of New Energy news.  You can also subscribe to the email newsletter.

New Energy Movement
Another really good website from Joel Garbon, Sterling Allan and others.  With an aesthetically-pleasing clean look and a decent general overview of all facets of the New Energy technology topic, this may actually be the best starting point for New Energy neophytes!

A word to webmasters:  Please consider utilizing the We Support New Energy Movement badge on your website. 

New Energy Report
Unable to keep myself from offering a contribution of my own, I created a daily online paper called the New Energy Report.  It automatically populates with information gathered from keywords and hashtags across the  internet and social media.  A work in progress, there are sometimes a few posts that have nothing to do with the topic - but I edit and cull sources on an almost daily basis.  With time, I hope to have editions with really good topical information.  As things stand, there are some real gems that find their way into the paper.  In fact, it's already been the source for many postings to the Extraordinary Year facebook page!  Please check it out and subscribe.

Contact Elected Officials (USA)
Okay, now that you're up to speed on New Energy and its implications for our future, it's time to get active!  Are you squeaky wheels ready to make some noise?  Good!  Just CLICK HERE to get started!  The USA.GOV site makes it easy to track down and contact your public officials at both the state and federal levels - and that's exactly what I want you to do!  Contact your governor, your state legislators, your congressional representatives and senators in Washington, D.C.  Don't stop there.  Write Barack Obama.  Call Joe Biden.  Email the Secretary of Energy.

Do I hold some naive idea that your contact will change their mind regarding where energy research dollars should go and which energy companies should receive subsidies?  No.  Our government is bought and paid for by the most powerful interests on the planet.  What I do expect is for the mounting voice and will of the people to begin to make an impact.  This works if we do it together.  If we do it often and in ernest.  At the very least, this sort of contact usually gets a response from each office, which requires someone on their staff to put some thought into the reasons why your requests are something they do or don't support "at this time".

Who knows, you might just be able to sway the staffers!

Join Others in Community Awareness Outreach
Since it's reasonable to expect that imploring elected officials to examine and support new energy technology won't work unless we hit them with sheer numbers, it behooves each of us to get involved in raising awareness in our local communities.  Lucky us, there's a movement that's making that easy!  It's called Thrive, and I highly recommend you check it out.  Aside from being a documentary that intricately and interestingly details not just new energy tech but where our planetary civilization stands and how it came to be this way, the Thrive Movement is an organization with a superb website chalk full of resources for connecting with like-minded people for direct action.  Please, watch the movie for free and consider joining or creating a local group to utilize the resources provided to make our world what we know it can be:  A world that works for everyone, where all can be happy, healthy, safe and free! 

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