Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My thoughts on this whole North Korea business

Am I the only person who finds it interesting that the only country to ever nuke another country is the one country that's decided to elect itself to police the entire rest of the planet to make sure they don't do the same?

Why do Americans listen to and incorporate into their own "thinking" the demonizing of nations like North Korea and Iran by the American media for wanting to develop nuclear weapons?  How can they allow themselves to become indoctrinized to believe these regimes are evil for simply wanting to procure the most lethal weapon on the planet?  The United States was first to have them and has had them since.  What does that make US?!  We have given nukes freely to our ally Israel.  What does that make them?

Why is it okay for us to have them, but not other nations?

Does no one else think it's weird that Barack Obama, given a Nobel Peace Prize less than a year after taking office, has killed more innocent people with drone stikes and sent our country into more conflicts than his war criminal predecessor George W. Bush?

Why is this supposedly peaceful president sending armadas toward North Korea?  Why is he flying fleets of bombers in practice runs nearby?  In a time when the federal government itself is forced to cut spending through broad cuts, how much money is it taking to fuel all those war machines?

Another question I have:  If Islamic fundamentalists in middle eastern countries are the greatest threat to our "freedom", and sending UAV drones is the best way of taking care of business where they're concerned, why is Barack Obama readying the entire United States military - not to mention the whole of the country - for old school war?

Furthermore, what has North Korea even done?  Bluster.  That's it.  It's immature playground bully bullshit.  They haven't even done anything, yet our president and our media have cranked up the propaganda machine to full throttle.

Reminds me of the winter of 2003 when the Bush Administration was busy selling the world on WMD and yellow cake uranium, and massing troops in Kuwait.  It's as if there's some sort of ten-year time loop the war profiteering banksters of the world are operating on.

Question is, how are Americans so hideously  blind to all of these paradoxes and coincidences?

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