Thursday, November 14, 2013

Several UFOs discovered in Arizona desert footage

Yesterday I was working with some footage that was shot recently in Arizona when an object caught my eye.  Upon reviewing the footage, I found another similar object zipping across the screen.  Then another...and another.

One might automatically assume the objects are insects, but there are several reasons I don't believe they are.  First, all the objects seem to be roundish points of light with sharp edges, i.e. no fast flapping insect wings are softening the edge with semi transparency and motion blur.  Secondly, since my parents moved to Arizona my dad has remarked on multiple occasions how there just aren't any bugs there.  Thirdly, I directly asked the individual in the footage if he recalled any insects being around.  While he didn't remember insects, he did remember it was somewhat windy.

So maybe the objects are something blowing in the wind?  Again, I think not.  There are instances where multiple objects are on screen at the same time, moving in different directions and at different rates of speed.  Also, a couple of the objects move into the frame at a good clip, then slow down significantly.  Instead of dropping from lack of wind-born buoyancy, they hover and then zip off again or just disappear.

Am I saying the objects are extraterrestrial craft?  No, but I feel it's worth pointing out that Arizona is home to both regular UFO sightings and some of the most epic and famous.  Also, Area 51 in Nevada is only a state away.

The objects in this footage are UFOs.  They are unidentified.  They are flying.  They are objects.  I do not know what they are, but they are interesting!

What do you think?

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