Monday, December 22, 2014

Police work IS crime

The cops are blaming everyone but themselves for what happened in NYC this weekend - even saying anti-police protesters and the mayor of New York have blood on their hands. But it's the COPS THEMSELVES who have their own blood on their hands.
Look, revenge killings are childish, unproductive and stupid. Killing a cop who ISN'T the cop who killed Eric Garner is even dumber.
But the fact remains that no human has the right to take another human's life. Period. Wearing a magic costume and brandishing a magic badge does not give the bearer some magic right to use force or coercion against another human. We are all born free, and humans only PRETEND to have special "authority" over others. They don't. They never have. They never will. I don't care what special semantic tricks you've been fed, murder of a human being except in self defense is not and will never be morally justifiable. Ever. No matter what you're wearing or who told you you could.
In almost every interaction between a citizen and a cop, it is the citizen who is the victim and the cop who is the criminal. It is the cop who uses coercion under threat of force to extort money from citizens on behalf of the state. It is the cop who kidnaps free people and holds them against their will. It is the cop who beats and injures a person for resisting being kidnapped, then charges their VICTIM with a crime. The entire situation is backwards and it's time humans look at it for what it is.
Police work IS crime. Almost every time.
And it is the criminal use of force and coercion against free humans that has created this blowback. It is sad, but it is also predictable. If they don't like it, they should 1) Stop killing innocent people, 2) Stop defending each other with silence...and 3) Quit their jobs because police work is immoral on its face.

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