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Edgar Cayce VS Zecharia Sitchin on the Asteroid Belt

Zecharia Sitchin
I recently received a direct message at my YouTube channel in response to a comment I made about the age of the pyramids according to Edgar Cayce, on a video of Dr. Chet Snow speaking about the upcoming Venus Transit.  According to Cayce, the Great Pyramid was built by Hermes with the help of an intelligence called Ra around 10,500 BC, some 8,000 years before modern archaeology would have you believe.  The person who wrote me, though, pointed to the writings of Zecharia Sitchin and said they believed the age was closer to "hundreds of thousands of years".

Now, I realize I may be inviting a firestorm of trouble from Sitchin's legions of followers, but I have to speak my mind and be as honest and transparent as I can.

I personally hold Cayce's historical accounts to be more or less untouchable as they were self-corroborating across thousands of readings years apart. Likewise, my personal jury is out on Sitchin, especially recently. 

Sitchin claims the asteroid belt was created when an errant planetary body called Tiamat collided with a very young Earth. However, the Cayce readings claim the belt is the remnants of a planet called Maldek, among other names, destroyed by its human inhabitants a very long time ago. Those familiar with the channeling of Ra in the Law of One material (also called the Ra Material) may also know that the destruction of the planet Maldek is independently corroborated there.

To me, the asteroid belt's place in the harmonic structure of the solar system on the OTHER side of Mars would support it being a former planet. In my reasoning, if it were created by the collision of a celestial hammer with a still-cooling Earth which subsequently reformed into a near-perfect sphere, we'd find two things: 

1) The part that blasted off of the Earth would have had the same consistency, and would have likewise reformed a smaller sphere or set thereof.  Other than Ceres, I don't know of any spheroidal objects in the belt.  

2) That spherical detritus would have taken up orbit closer to Earth in accordance with its mass. Instead we find it on the far side of Mars. As for Ceres, composed of mostly ice, it makes sense that some of the water from a destroyed planet would have frozen into a sphere around a massive chunk of former planet.  Furthermore, if the Earth were still molten and malleable enough to survive such a collision and reform into a sphere afterward, there wouldn't have been liquid water to form the ice around Ceres!

I have no doubt Sitchin believed what he wrote. But as long as we're accepting information about the formation of the solar system from otherworldly sources, as the Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets purport to include, I'm casting my lot with Cayce's Ra...especially since Ra is said to be the group collective consciousness of an ancient third dimensional civilization on Venus. The Anunnaki aren't even from our solar system, and there are indications they don't have our best interests at heart. Ra, by way of contrast, feels regret at how its attempt at assisting the Atlantean and Egyptian civilizations has led to much historical and present suffering. 
Edgar Cayce

I don't mean to disrespect the views of Sitchin's followers, by any means. I am interested in having the discussion, and I think it's only right and fair that I back up my own view...and in my view, it's virtually impossible for someone to honestly and thoroughly research the work of Edgar Cayce and deny its validity and reliability.

Strangely, the only reason I know Sitchin made this claim about the origin of the asteroid belt is Dr. Chet Snow related it to me directly during our interview this week - almost a month after I made the YouTube comment that sparked this whole blog post.

How's that for full circle?


  1. Your understanding of Sitchen is wrong. He states that the Sumarian clay tablets show that the asteroid belt was created by a wayward planet called Nibiru, as it was pulled into an orbit around our Sun. At the time, there was no earth. There was the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Tiamet, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranis, and Pluto. All were in the orbits they are currently in, and Tiamet was in an orbit where the asteroid belt is currently. Nibiru (and it's own collection of moons) came in towards the sun. One of Nibiru's moons struck Tiamet and split Tiamet. Half was shattered and became the asteroid belt. The other half didn't shatter, but was sent into a new orbit - one in between Venus and Mars, and became Earth. I believe this can fit the Cayce description.

    1. And Nibiru...was also called?.....Marduk/Maldek (the Sumerian Tablets do have significance)...for they tell that the inhabitants of Maldek/Marduk/Nibiru/Planet X...were Warring. They came to Earth to mine Gold to save their Atmosphere. But, did it work? Not when the books state it was too late...and alot of them went to Mars and Earth! (Funny how everything is about GOLD...isn't it?)......Anyway, Cayce actually backs up the story better than Sitchen ever did. And Cayce didn't make a dime, or even a penny, for that matter....from the Truth. If you study language.....the L and R repeatedly "interchange". As among the Cherokee/Salagi. Maldek/Marduk...also translates..Merodach!....Anyway........what to the HOPI call Earth? What did the Macedonians call Earth? Hopi: Tiaput/Tiamat. Russian/Macedonian: земјата/zemjata (j for y) ...Mother Earth!

  2. Well, no. This story of Tiamat does not fit with Cayce. Both Cayce and Ra declare that the planet Maldek was destroyed BY ITS OWN INHABITANTS. That doesn't jive with Sitchin at all.

    Furthermore, I personally find it difficult to understand how half a destroyed planet would be smashed into hard rocky chunks remaining in their original orbit while another half was malleable enough to resolidify into a perfectly round new planet in an orbit two planetary orbits away.

    I'm not saying that Sitchin's translations of the tablets are wrong. I'm saying the information is wrong. Maybe purposely. Who gave the Sumerians the information, and what was their incentive? We know the Grays lied to the governments of the west. These are Service to Self civilizations. Their M.O. is deception. I wouldn't trust the word of an hierarchical civilization who helped create an elitist hierarchical civilization on this planet. Honesty and benevolence don't drive their actions, conquest and advancement of the self do. The ends justifies the means.

    Contrast this with the word of Ra, a highly-advanced planetary complex wanting only to serve others. Or compare with Edgar Cayce, whose information came not from cuneiform tablets but from the Akashic records.

    It makes complete sense that there used to be a planet where the asteroid belt now is. On that, Cayce and Sitchin agree. The "how" is quite different, and I'm afraid one cannot stretch reasoning far enough to make a connection between their accounts. So, let's look at the source of the accounts.

    I'll take Source over Sumerians every time.

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  4. There is only a few small things that needs to be explained. Why is thee such a jagged scratch on the surface of MARS as if something large scraped through it and ripped up the surface like a wound.

    What would be the size of a human if the earth was further away from the sun at any pt in time ?

    Why did the dinosaurs die ?

    Could it be that the earth was in some other orbit when the earth was covered in one big ocean and continent land mass was united. When giants, dinosaurs and mammoths roamed the earth. Then something happened to crash against it and created craters like the Shiva crater and those in other places of the earth. .....the continents snapped and spun away ...there were floods...and the earth got pushed into an orbit closer to the sun (Interestingly the vedas tell of star configs very different from today)) ...possibly it or some portion of it scraped the surface of mars terribly and scarred it and possibly also ripped off some of the people and atmosphere as it did....... and then large creatures on this new planet died out because sustaining large body was not possible with the earth moving into an orbit closer to the sun where gravitational pull was higher.

    India, Egypt, South America, Americas, Europe , Africa , Australia and Asis have some remnants of old civilizations that are similar ...people try to figure out how ancients travelled across large swathes of oceans ...probably they did not and it was one land only......and then some of it sunk...atlantis !! ..and old memories remain......


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