Monday, January 31, 2011

Disclosure: UFO over the heart of the Holy Land

[Updated 2/3/2011 5:41CST]

This weekend I was alerted about a new UFO video. It seems one of our friends from the cosmos appeared like a shining star directly over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem very early Friday morning. About a minute into the video, the craft quickly descends to hover just above the dome where it remained for a few seconds until a couple flashes of light happen nearby and the craft immediately shot upward at a ridiculous speed.

Please watch the video before reading on.

I watched this video over and over, trying to decide if it could be a fake. My intuition said it was authentic. Knowing Israel recently shot down a UFO over a nuclear installation, I figured the light flashes were the Israeli military's attempts to shoot down what they perceived as a threat. The immediate and rapid departure of the light craft was an evasive maneuver to avoid being shot down.

This morning, I was overjoyed to find a video where someone synchronized the original footage I saw with another ostensibly independent view of the same event.

[See updated section below]
But it gets even better. WAY better! Someone - definitely an American - just happened to be at the scene and recorded the event close up!

Aside from seeing the craft much closer and being able to see it constantly morphing in geometric shapes, the flashes of light just before the craft shoots straight up are missing in this footage. This shows that the flashes did not come from the craft itself, lending credence to my belief that said flashes come from Israeli gun fire. Thank God they missed!

This is an incredible event recorded by no fewer than 3 cameras. Anyone who watches all three of these videos has to come to the conclusion that the event is authentic. Either that, or they're seriously stuck in a mindset that won't allow the evidence to penetrate - in which case I feel acute pity for them.

This is a glorious day! I am a happy human.

If you're reading this post, I ask you sincerely to make your friends and family aware of this event by sending them the footage. It may help to forward the link to this blog post so they can see it all in one place - but I don't ask this to boost my numbers. Feel free to send them links to the YouTube videos separately if you prefer! But please, please, please - spread the word that these things are going on. This event Friday is by no means isolated! Do even a modicum of research and you will find similar sightings of similar craft for years and years, but ramping up in frequency since October 2010.

A peaceful new world is around the corner, friends. Let's join together to bring it into focus.

UPDATE 2/3/2011:

Alright, obviously the video of the 3rd camera has been taken offline.  I've seen some pretty convincing evidence that particular footage WAS faked.  Pretty well, too.  People have found a photo online that exactly depicts the scene.  I've seen one motion graphics artist show how easily he recreated a similar craft using an After Effects plugin called Mr. Mercury.  I'm now convinced that footage was faked. 

The same can't be said of the first two videos.  The cameraman in the second video can be seen in the first.  They used different recording devices and captured the same event from very slightly different viewpoints.

But now a 4th piece of footage has been found.  Thankfully, someone has already sync'd it with the first two.

Three independent videos.  Two locations.  One event.  I wonder if the trolls still think they're all fakes.


  1. "Anyone who watches all three of these videos has to come to the conclusion that the event is authentic. Either that, or they're seriously stuck in a mindset that won't allow the evidence to penetrate - in which case I feel acute pity for them."

    This isn't evidence of anything until the videos are verified as being geniune. I'm no expert on video-fakery, but exactly how difficult is it these days to make a white dot move about on a black background?

  2. Well, I wouldn't say I'm an expert on video fakery, but I've been doing motion graphics professionally for more than a decade. But this is beside the point.

    Why? Because the extraterrestrial UFO phenomenon is real. Period. Last week at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a panel including Michio Kaku and Stanton Friedman told an audience including world leaders and business execs the likes of Tony Blair, Jean Chretien, Google Execs, etc. that this stuff is just plain real and it would be best for business if they started to consider the implications for the future of mankind. Ever heard of the Disclosure Project? I highly recommend checking it out. Hundreds of former military and political personnel are willing to before Congress and testify that this is real. New Zealand and the UK have released documents saying this is real. Even the US has released an internal document admitting at least some of this is real and interstellar.

    So, why do folks like you go to so much trouble to find a way to NOT believe sightings and video evidence?

    Your head is in the sand. I wish it weren't so. You know, you do have the option of pulling your head OUT and joining us in celebrating the coming times.

  3. I don't believe in sightings and video evidence because people lie and fantasize, and video can be faked. These things I know to be true, and they have happened countless times in the past. Give me evidence rather than anecdotes and I'll happily reconsider my position - I'd love for aliens to be visiting us.

    The fact you consider the 3 videos here to be evidence of anything tells me how little critical thinking you applied when considering them.You say my head is in the sand; it isn't, I just require more than hearsay before I believe outlandish stories.

  4. You're missing the point, Nameless One. These three videos aside, these things ARE happening. Some of these phenomena ARE real. And so are the implications.

    Scientifically and mathematically speaking, the chance of there being civilizations advanced beyond our own are statistically probable. Far more than probable. Definite. Especially once you realize that a full 99% of interstellar dust has the same spectrographic signature as bacteria. Life abounds in the Universe, contrary to what those who control this planet would have you believe.

    And that's only based on what we can perceive from our third density point of view. Science understands that there are densities (dimensions) above our own, and that life exists there as well.

    Ergo, these stories become much less "outlandish".

  5. Life POSSIBLY abounds in the universe, until we find it elsewhere we can't say for certain. For what it's worth I agree with you that life is likely everywhere; but this isn't the point I'm arguing. Also - science only theorizes about other dimensions and certainly doesn't "understand that life exists there as well".

    The "evidence" you bring isn't evidence at all - you have appeals to authority and dodgy video footage. You expect me to believe something as extraordinary as extra-terrestrial UFOs based on this? No. Get some alien technology,biology or verifiable communication and then I'm interested. Until then all you have is people telling stories and easily faked video.

  6. I like to believe in this phenomena, having witnessed something myself when younger, but one thing in UFO videos to watch out for(of which only a small % are geniune) is video movement, and I know the object moved incrediblly fast, but the camera in all 3 cases remained static at that instance, and didn't follow the object as you would expect.. In reality I dont think you could stop yourself following the object with shaky video the split second is flew skyward. So I'm not prepared to believe based on these videos, but I do believe visitations are probably occuring around the world. One hoax doesn't make them all hoaxes.One chinese lantern doesn't make them all chinese lanterns. In this case however..I'm afraid i'm not convinced.

  7. This may come as a surprise to you: I'm not so tied to "being right" that I can't admit I may have been fooled. It seems obvious now that the closeup footage from the Mount was faked. There's an identical photo found existing online and as a motion graphics artist I understand how someone could make it look like video. The audio was a nice touch.

    You're right, the fact that the camera didn't follow the craft when it zipped off is very suspect. I can't believe I didn't notice, as it's one of the first things I look for to expose fakery.

    That said, the other 3 vids still seem genuine to me. And contrary to what has been said, the shooters DO follow the object as it flies upward to reveal a blinking formation in the sky similar to so many other formations that have shown up day and night - for years, but moreso recently - shot by people all across the globe.

    As for theorizing other dimensions, that word is so misused. I prefer the word densities, and science has done more than theorize about the existence of higher densities. Not only have we found that matter is quantized and snaps into these higher densities, but we have been able to watch matter seemingly disappear (while still visible using certain types of radar) and reappear to the naked eye. Russian scientists did a ton of work with this during the Cold War and it's only recently come to the attention of other "western" scientists. Of course, the status quo suppresses this knowledge - but seek, and you shall find. Ooops, was that a faith-based statement? I'm sorry (no, I'm not)

    There are more things between heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophies.

    No, I don't expect you to believe in something as extraordinary as extraterrestrial UFOs based on this one piece of evidence. But I do expect you and any rational human to believe in their existence based on decades of evidence in the form of testimony by literally thousands of credible witnesses including police officers, military personnel, and even astronauts - not to mention plenty of film evidence from an era before video fakery was a possibility.

    My point is it all adds up to more than a probability. It is a fact, albeit a suppressed one.

    The fact that you even arrived at this blog post proves that the idea is at least interesting to you. Maybe there's a still, small voice inside pushing you to examine these things. But if there is, good luck getting science to find it. Doesn't mean it isn't there.

    Also, would it kill you to use your actual name when you post? I don't understand what you people have to hide.

  8. Hi yes I should have used my internet name, I'm not the same Anon as the other chap. I watch of these UFO shows on TV and the camera following the object is one of the things they suggest can draw the line between fact and fiction. I looked at the videos again, as I am interested in this stuff, and yes the camera does move skyward on 2 of the videos to reveal lights in the sky, but it seems funny to me that in 2 separate angles and 2 separate views the cameras didn't follow the object as it flew vertically, they remaine static at the same time.
    I'm more convinced actually of astronaut and pilot sightings, or a sceptical friend who witnessed a "hat-shaped object taking off" on his parents land. Not everyone has a video camera to hand pointing at the right spot at the right time, unfortunately.
    I'm 100% convinced of these visitations, and 2012 may bear witness to "the end of the we know it". First contact with these benign beings will change the world as we know it.

  9. OK the camera on the right moves a bit faster than the one on the left when the UFO..hmm. Could be an alien probe. Pity FX are so easy to insert into video nowadays. If only cameras existed at the time of this incident:

  10. Firstly, Thanks for having the guts to post under your name. It's an extreme pet peeve of mine to receive comments from people whose boldness doesn't reach beyond their words. If you have something to say, own it. That's my opinion.

    Secondly, you and I seem to have similar views on the phenomena as a whole - even if we disagree on the authenticity of these videos.

    "I'm 100% convinced of these visitations, and 2012 may bear witness to "the end of the we know it". First contact with these benign beings will change the world as we know it."

    Amen, brother. Amen!


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