Monday, August 6, 2012

Sikh temple shooting: Illuminati act to stop Disclosure?

As soon as I learned about the mass shooting at a Sikh temple I assumed  it was another act by the increasingly desperate Illuminati.  Only, I assumed it was part of a move to set up public opinion against guns so they could use this series of events (including the James Holmes' debacle) as a springboard to curtail American's second amendment rights.

I may have made that assumption too quickly.

I just learned that Amardeep Kaleka's father was shot and killed in this new event.  For those who don't know, Kaleka is the filmmaker who has teamed up with Dr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project to release the upcoming groundbreaking documentary SIRIUS.

Let's look at what we know.
1) Amardeep Kaleka's father was the president of the Sikh temple.
2) The alleged shooter is an American armed services veteran.
3) There are rumors (with corroborative crop circles) that August 4, 2012 was a deadline given to the Iluminati by the galactics to start "Disclosure", the official revelation to humanity that we are not and have never been alone on this planet.
4) There are rumors that the James Holmes shooting was an attempt to postpone that Disclosure
5) This newest shooting is aimed at the family of the filmmaker behind a documentary that is "poised to make crowd funding history".
6) The gunman was conveniently shot to death by police, so American media can tell the public whatever they want about this guy and it'll become our "truth".

It might be a small world after all, but I find it difficult to believe that a mass shooting the day after the Disclosure deadline kills the father of the director of the Disclosure Project's magnum opus, and it's all just a coincidence.  Can you?

Rather, I believe it's much more likely a practically overt and obviously desperate attempt to stop the Disclosure train.  But they can't stop this train.  Such blatant acts only serve to awaken the populace more and more to the deeds they've done. Like 9/11, this latest crime should end up shining more light on the dark deeds of the Illuminati for all to see.


  1. add to the list, the murderer (gunman is too pale of a word) was a "psychological operations specialist" in the Army. News article with that info is in this video:

    Why is it that in this assasination and in the Aurora Colorado movie killings, the witnesses say there were more than one assasin. Yet official reports stick with "lone gunman" scenario. Antara Davis.

  2. Hmmm... That does help explain why the "Theater Shooter" was so drugged in his first court appearance. He also claims he does not remember the shooting. AJ Longstreet

  3. An important back story is that the son of the congregation president Satwant Kaleka, is Amardeep Kaleka, the film maker that is working with Dr. Steven Greer to produce the ET documentary, Sirius. The government doesn’t want this movie to come out this fall. It has the potential to be a blockbuster, and helps destroy the myth that we humans need to be fearful of ‘aliens’.

    IMO, the government not only wants to destabilize society with these black op murders, but at the same time conveniently adds the goal of targeting people they want to shut up. And then again they are also advancing the social agenda to confiscate guns from the populace.

  4. You make a great point, Antara. Here we have a situation where an eye witness said there were 4 gunmen in black. But that's nowhere in the mainstream media. Sup wit dat?

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  9. Reading this in 2021 sheds a whole new light on things. I believe the illuminati have their own fake and carefully timed "disclosure" coming shortly, we are already seeing the start of it in the aftermath of COVID.
    They certainly didn't anyone independently jumping the starter's gun back in 2012.

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