Monday, July 26, 2010

Thanks, Todd Tiahrt!

I want to thank Todd Tiahrt for promoting that he's a Tea Bagger and has Sarah Palin's support.  I also want to thank him for spending away his campaign dollars on TV ads making sure we all know what a wing nut he is.

Furthermore, I'm grateful to Mr. Tiahrt for making sure we know the American value of "innocent until proven guilty" only applies to Americans and that he'd prefer we have a different system of justice for foreigners accused of terrorism.  Never mind that the terror threat was manufactured to begin with and that any real threat has been stoked by wars Todd Tiahrt supports!

Thanks, Todd, for reminding me why there's no chance in hell I'd ever vote for you!


  1. Tim,

    You cracked me up with this post because I felt the same way. I am still nervous though since we Kansans was so evenly divided on this that we still gave Tihart 45% of the vote. I keep threatening to move out of Kansas. I may have to honor my threat when Brownback gets governor.

    Thanks for drawing my attention to your insights. I look forward to enjoying your thoughts.


  2. Well, allow me to send some positive perspective your way. It's the least I can do for someone who does the same for me so regularly on Twitter!

    Kansas didn't give Tea Heart 45% of their votes, Kansas REPUBLICANS did. Since this was just the primary, and since this is Kansas, it was mainly Republicans who were going to polls yesterday - and it was mainly Republican races that were contentious.

    Another point of light for you: As my wife and I waited in line at the polling station (yes, even though we're independents the state Democratic party held an OPEN primary, to their credit. Republicans only allowed Republicans to vote) an older gentleman in front of us answered the question "Are you voting Republican or Democrat?" as follows: "I wouldn't vote for a Republican dog catcher!"

    Made me smile.

  3. That makes me smile even more.

    I voted just because I had a couple of friends running in the Democratic primary. I have been Independent all my life and always will be. Turns out my friends did not need my support, as they won handily.

    I live in Wyandotte County. Together with Lawrence we bring the blue to the state. Since Kansas has not elected a democrat as Senator in over 40 years I kind of made the jump that a Republican will be elected to replace Brownback.

    Thanks for being here. It is especially nice to connect with a fellow Kansan who is not devoted to keeping the state backwards.


    P.S. Tiahart and Moran did such an excellent job of beating each other up, perhaps this will be the year that we weigh in with some blue support. Now if I only had a clue who Johnston was....;-)

  4. I'm afraid that partisanship will win in this situation. As soon as state Republicans see Todd Tiart standing next to Jerry Moran while smiling and shaking his hand, the mud slinging of the primary will fade to nothing as if it never happened. Happens every election cycle.

    This is politics. This is partisanship. This is what's wrong with our system because it's DISHONEST. It's not real.

    It continues with each election cycle because we allow ourselves to ignore the obvious dishonesty. But if you can't trust a candidate to be honest about how he feels about "the other guy", how can you trust the candidate? Period.

    Partisanship is a problem. Kudos to you for living your life outside that paradigm.


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