Friday, August 6, 2010

Yes, Do the Right Thing, Wikileaks: Keep Those Documents UP!

The Pentagon demanded on Thursday that WikiLeaks “do the right thing” and remove from its Web site tens of thousands of classified documents about the war in Afghanistan, and return to the military thousands of others that it had not yet made public. (Read full story from the New York Times.)

The Pentagon wants WikiLeaks to "do the right thing".  So do I.  However, I think the U.S. military and I probably have a disagreement on what the right thing to do is here (cue another blog post on the subjectivity of right and wrong).

I think WikiLeaks has done the right thing.  They've made government more transparent, something Barack Obama said he would do but hasn't. 

Some would argue those are national security secrets.  We need our secrets.  No we don't.  No one needs secrets.  Secrets are why the world is the way it is.  Secrets allow people to abuse power.  Secrets allow people to harm other people. 

Let's look at what a secret is: It's witholding information.  The whole purpose is for one set of people to keep another set of people "in the dark".  The Dark Ages got their name because people in power kept information from the masses by keeping them illiterate.  The Church told people they had the information, straight from God, and the only way to earn salvation was to believe and obey all they said.  Church and state were married and enjoyed centuries of unquestioned power.  Meanwhile, the illiterate and therefor powerless surfs led a dismal existence of suffering and poverty, both material and spiritual.

I'm grateful WikiLeaks has been able to bring these secrets "to light"!  If it makes America less able to conduct a war, GREAT!  This war is bringing suffering to many people, and not just in Afghanistan.  The military industrial complex that's benefitting from the $1 Trillion of American taxpayer money is making the richest of the rich even richer while everyday Americans can't find a job to support even the most basic of existences. 

There are no secrets in the world of spirit.  Beyond the veil, all things are known.  No soul can hide anything from another!  As Above, So Below.  When we work together to make this material world the same as the spiritual world, the Kingdom of Heaven will be realized.  For that to happen, we need to drop secrets.  Secrets are lies that say you think things are that way, but I know they're this way.

If secrets are necessary to conduct wars, then shine light on all secrets.  When we come to the realization that We are all One, it instantly become ridiculous to think about keeping information from some of Us, because we keep it from part of Ourself.  Why would we keep Ourself in the dark?  We wouldn't. 

No more secrets.
No more lies.
No more wars.
No more nations.
No more separation.
No more competition for resources.

Just the realization of Oneness.  Just working together for the good of All.

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