Monday, September 13, 2010

The Truth About Wichita

Since I moved to the west side of town I very rarely make it back across to the east side. Aside from the occasional party at a friend's house or a night rocking at the Lizard Lounge, there's nothing for me there.  But yesterday was my young daughter's birthday, and she wanted a Build-A-Bear.  The shop in Town West is no longer there, so we had to go to Town East. 

On our drive eastbound, I noticed someone had put up a sign on one of the walkways that cross over Kellogg.  As we got closer, I was able to make out the sign - and what it said made my heart jump with glee.

Building 7

Freaking AWESOME!  I was a grinning fool the rest of the drive to the mall.  It is so encouraging to see that someone I probably don't even know had the guts to put that sign over Kellogg for all eastbound drivers to read. 

You know a good percentage of them did google Building 7.  A good percentage of those who did learned something new.  And a good percentage of those people were willing to accept the implication of what they learned and incorporate it into their understanding of our reality.  Chances are, at least one of them is researching and learning more even as you read this

This is how mass consciousness changes, grows, becomes more aware.  This is how the snowball begins to roll.  This is how the facade of lies that make up our civilization's edifice of false precepts are chipped away to eventually crumble completely.

Horray!  I am grateful for whomever put that sign up.  Brilliant idea!  You made my day.

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