Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good News for Raj Goyle

9/14/10: Since this post keeps getting traffic, I think it's best to post the obvious update: Last week Wink Hartman ended up deciding to NOT enter the race as a Libertarian.

Local news is reporting oil tycoon Wink Hartman, having taken 3rd place in the Republican primary, is considering a run as a Libertarian against the GOP winner Mike Pompeo.

This is AWESOME!  Hartman spent literally millions of his own money on the primary and took 3rd!  He didn't even just barely lose - he lost his ass.  Now he's considering spending more of his money to run against Pompeo in the general election?  Goosebumps.

Raj Goyle was already looking like a contender.  I mean, it's already actually possible that someone other than a Republican could replace Todd TeaHeart, er Tiarht, as the congressman for Kansas' 4th district.  Now we have a situation where Wink Hartman will be spending Libertarian dollars as well as his own to compete for Republican votes.  I guarantee he'll position himself as more batshit, er conservative than Pompeo.  He'll pander once again to the Tea Partiers and Birthers who are dictating the direction of the GOP.  You'll have the ugly Republican primary mudslinging all over again!  Pompeo will focus on the fact Hartman isn't really from Kansas...because that's about all he has on him.  Raj will continue to hammer Pompeo on sending jobs out of Kansas, because it's the ugly truth.  Ugly for Pompeo, anyway.  And of course there's that whole thing where Pompeo promoted through Twitter a racist blog against Goyle.

And when it's all said and done, neither Pompeo nor Hartman will have more votes than Raj.  Absolutely wonderful! 

Today is a good day. 

Now all we have to do is hope Hartman throws his hat in the Libertarian ring before Friday. 

I would like to reiterate that I am NOT a Democrat!  However, in this race I strongly support Raj Goyle as the best candidate to represent my own personal ideals in Congress. 

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