Friday, January 7, 2011

Psych journal covers ESP study, outraging eggheads

The subhead to this blog post should be, "This is what disclosure looks like."  Whether it's NASA admitting that there are hundreds of thousands of planets like Earth just within our galaxy or scientific journals finally admitting there is something to ESP, tidbits of truth are trickling out of the establishment to change the public's perception of reality.  The real shame is that said public needs to hear these things from "authorities" before they can accept what's been before us our entire lives.

The New York Times published yesterday a story about how The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is publishing the now well-reported research from Cornell Professor Daryl J. Bem proving prescience is a real and scientifically measurable thing, and it's got establishment eggheads in a frothy fury! 
“It’s craziness, pure craziness. I can’t believe a major journal is allowing this work in,” Ray Hyman, an emeritus professor of psychology at the University Oregon and longtime critic of ESP research, said. “I think it’s just an embarrassment for the entire field.”
Crazy?  Why?  The research has now been peer reviewed and found to meet the standards for inclusion in a respected psych journal.  That means the science is good.

It seems that the real problem scientists like Hyman have is not that ESP has finally been scientifically proven as a real phenomenon, but that they don't have any way to scientifically understand how it works!
All four [reviewers] decided that the paper met the journal’s editorial standards, Dr. Judd added, even though “there was no mechanism by which we could understand the results.” [emphasis added]

This is the problem with relying on scientific authorities to explain reality to us.  If they can't use the scientific method to explain a phenomenon - even when they can prove the phenomenon is real - they insist on ignoring it and they get upset at the thought of anyone taking the phenomenon seriously without the consent of their jealously protected authority.  The real bitch of it is once science advances far enough to determine how ESP works, people like Hyman will finally admit it's been real all along.  Not real before they understand, real all along once they do.

Hey, scientists:  Get over yourselves!

There are more things, Horatio, between heaven and earth than your scientists can explain to you.  That does not make them any less "real".  I would implore the reader to take scientific understandings into account but by no means limit yourself or your understanding of the cosmos to what science has put together.  Anyone who would deny the existence of something simply because they can't see, touch, hear, taste or otherwise measure it is not worthy of being called an authority.

Science is important for us to understand reality, but it is by no means the only way. 

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