Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alan Boyle needs to "get real"

I will readily and publicly admit I am enthralled and probably clinically obsessed with the recent increase in UFO phenomena. Now before you pull an Alan Boyle and automatically dismiss and discredit me, read on and hear me out.

Yesterday Boyle wrote a piece for MSNBC cautioning against making a connection between anything going on in the world and visitors from any place other than present day Earth. The title says it all: Year of the UFO? Let's get real.

Here is a classic case of disinformation and propaganda. Well done, Boyle.

You tied the fringe theory that recent wildlife deaths are caused by UFOs to the entire UFO community.  Interesting that you decided not to include the 100 tons of fish that washed up on the coast of Brazil within the past few days. Too large an anomaly for ya? Had to ignore it?  It's also interesting that he chose to ignore the even crazier explanations from actual scientists. 

I'm certainly not saying any of these wildlife deaths had anything to do with extraterrestrials. I don't believe they do.  But if you expect me to believe these things "just happen" every few years you need to find another nube to try that ploy on.

Speaking of ploys, the whole ridicule-the-messenger, herein represented by the suggestively cohesive "UFO community", is a lame and close-minded tactic. Don't you think? Where'd you pick that up, Boyle - Karl Rove's Political Redirection 101 at Beck University?

How about you do a Google search for UFO for each of the past ten years and see if there's any sort of trend to the numbers? What's your tactic for explaining away the exponential increase in sightings and subsequent stories?

The fact is, if Alan Boyle wants to get real he needs to admit there is something going on.  Sightings have shot through the roof.  Similar sightings of similar craft.  True, some of them might be man made by black ops budgets, but they wouldn't have the technology without reverse engineering of ACTUAL etraterrestrial craft.  Which means they had access to extraterrestrial craft.  Which means at least some of the sightings are authentic.  THAT'S what one needs to acknowledge if one is to "get real".

So why try to spread further ridicule of those who would publicly acknowledge something is going on and it effects everyone one of us?  What's the incentive?  Is it not curious that the source of this ridicule is a member of the establishment media who is also a supposed scientist.  Alan Boyle is obviously a tool. Question is, whose tool?

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  1. you are correct. It is a valid subject, SOME ufos are real. However it is not a new subject that is gaining speed. It goes back to the beginning of history. Alan Boyle is nothing compared to the colossal prick known as James Oberg.

    Keep the faith


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