Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scientists struggling to explain massive worldwide wildlife deaths

(Updated 10:15am CST January 7, 2011)

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It started in Arkansas with 100,000 fish and 5,000 redwing blackbirds.  Then it was 500 more birds a few days later in Louisiana.  Several hundred show up in Kentucky.  Now new stories are surfacing from around the globe of birds and fish dying in droves.  A bunch of birds dead on a highway in Sweden100 tons of fish wash up on the coast of Brazil.  These occurances are ostensibly unrelated but they all have at least one thing in common - scientists don't have a freaking clue what the causes are and are pulling blatantly preposterous explanations out of their asses to quell the increasing alarm of the public. 

Our main theory is that the birds were scared away because of the fireworks and landed on the road, but couldn't fly away from the stress and were hit by a car.
Okay.  Right.  The fireworks scared them, but they all stood still for the car to hit them?  Sounds like a stretch, but not as ridiculous as the following explanation given on MSNBC.

It's probable that thousands of birds were asleep, roosting in a single tree, when a 'washing machine-type thunderstorm' sucked them up into the air, disoriented them, and even fatally soaked and chilled them.
Probable?  Excuse my non-professional blogger language, but come the f@#% on!  At what point does it become less damaging for scientists to admit they don't have a clue what's going on than to publicly postulate preposterous proposals posing as possible understanding of the predicament?  Was there even a thunderstorm in Arkansas on New Year's Eve?  Wouldn't that have already worked its way into the story?

Blackbirds have poor night vision and they were likely killed because they banged into houses, trees and each other in their fright.
Right.  They were scared and 5,000 of them hit stuff so hard they died?  Wouldn't some be only slightly injured?  Where are the 10,000 injured birds?  There are none?  So 5,000 are dead and the rest just flew away unharmed.  The truth here is that "authorities" just plain don't know what's going on, only they can't bring themselves to admit it.  So they have to say something.

I've heard theories from non-scientists that made more sense.  I'm not talking about the invisible UFO theory.  Not because I don't believe in invisible space ships, rather I don't think it's likely to have caused the fish deaths also.  Those things have been going into and out of our oceans for centuries without creating this sort of havoc.  Ask Columbus.  But I digress...

The theory I find most probable, obviously not proposed by self-respecting scientific minds, is that these localized deaths are due to use of HAARP or something like it.  Focused energy of a particular vibration reflected off part of the atmosphere. 

Why?  Buckle in, kids.  This might be where I lose you.  The ones I call The Owners - you may know them as the NWO, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, etc. - have had a plan forever to create a sense of dread surrounding events leading up to December 21,2012.  If they can scare the general public into a sense of some terrible end of days scenario that very public won't be open to learning the more glorious truths about this very unique period in our history.  These same people like to slip ideas and concepts into popular shows and movies to place them firmly in the collective conscious.  An event virtually identical to the blackbird die off was part of the plot of ABC's Flashforward, except in that show it was crows that died in droves mysteriously.

A more insidious possible explanation is The Owners are experimenting with frequencies to determine what species are effected at what frequency of the ray.  This is why only one type of bird dies; why 100,000 drum fish show up on the banks of a river but not smallmouth bass or bluegill. 

Just wait till they figure out what frequency kills off the humans.

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