Friday, February 18, 2011

Illuminati's capabilities fading?

There have been reports from different folks with "insider" sources that the Illuminati have been losing their capabilities in the ongoing ramp up to Disclosure and Ascension.  One encouraging sign I've noticed in recent days: the absence of black triangle UFO sightings. 

People who are open-minded to insider information recognize the black triangle UFO as "ours".  The technology is extraterrestrial, sure - but it was reverse engineered from craft that were shot down.  I'm fairly certain the folks at MUFON are aware of this, as well.  This is why their UFO Stalker website always displays black triangle UFO sightings with a B2 bomber icon, as opposed to a flying saucer icon.  It's their way of saying, "We know these are man-made."  For those of you unfamiliar with the site, it displays the 25 most recent online submissions to MUFON.

As someone who checks the UFO Stalker site almost daily, I can tell you there are always a few of these black triangle icons on the world map...until very recently.  For the past few days there have been NO new black triangle sightings.  The only one on the map currently was a Michigan sighting in 1994 that was posted to on February 16.  The day before that was posted, there were literally NO black triangles on the map - at all - something I haven't seen in months of checking the site. 

I should also note that just before the complete disappearance of black triangle icons on the world map, there was a spate of them.  A bunch of them...and then nothing.  One might conclude that they lost a battle of sorts.

So, while the skies are still continually being streamed with chemtrails it seems that the black triangle technology may have been eliminated by our Star Nations brethren.  I will take this as an encouraging sign until further notice!

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