Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jerusalem UFO update: 4th vid and original witness surface

Still image from 4th video of the
Temple Mount UFO incident
If you follow the MSM (Main Stream Media), you might conclude that the Dome of the Rock UFO has been proven a hoax because one of the first three videos showing the event - the third - has been proven a fake.  Write it off.  Solved.  Check.


My intuition - something I'm learning to rely on more as time rolls on - told me the first two videos were legit. For starters, you can see the second videographer in the first video released.  The debunkers pointed to the absence of testimony from the videographer witnesses, even though we knew their names. 

Thankfully, that's in the past now.  Eligael Gedalyovich, the man who shot the first footage released has uploaded his testimony to YouTube.  Not only does he set the record straight on the authenticity of the video, but he comments on the nature of extraterrestrials and why he thinks they might be visiting the Dome of the Rock.

This is a great development in the story, but it's not the only news.  Paranormal Utopia has brought to the fore another video of the event has surfaced from a different angle and closer to the Temple Mount. 

The Paranormal Utopia post examines the intense efforts aimed at debunking the videos.

...many of the arguments people have used to say that the video was hoaxed have turned out to be legitimate issues with digital recordings that have been well documented in digital video support forums...the ‘debunkers’ have been [identified], for the most part, easily linked to organizations that would launch disinformation and cover up campaigns.  All the ufology community is doing is asking the public to do their homework. 

Thanks go to All News Web and Paranormal Utopia for bringing this and other events to the world's attention.  They're clearly working hard to provide unfiltered clearinghouses for paranormal phenomena and news.  I know they have my gratitude.

Even if you choose to completely disregard all the Ancient Alien evidence, you have to acknowledge that at least some of the plentiful UFO phenomena since 1947 must be of non-contemporaneous origins.  In other words, it's extraterrestrial, other-dimensional, and/or time traveling in nature.  If you can't come to that conclusion, you're either not truly examining the evidence or your head is in the sand. 

Aaaaaaaand, if you do come to that conclusion, how can you help but ponder the implications?  I would ask you to do just that.  Think about what it means that extraterrestrials HAVE visited us, ARE visiting us, and WILL BE visiting us.  Think about what that means for life in the Universe.  Think about what that means for life on Earth.

We have to change as a civilization.  We have to evolve.  But we have to CHOOSE it.  We have to choose peace.  They won't force it on us, because you can't FORCE peace.  You can't bring justice to murderers by killing them.  You can't force a country into peace through a war.  We've tried and tried.  Look at the world right now.  Does it look like that's working for us?

It's time to choose something different. 


  1. Am I seeing something else in the video? I mean... there are some sort of shots fired. Are they off the ridge from the left, or is there something else (not lit up) looming either to the left, or looming to the right of the 'light'?

    Anyone else seeing this?

  2. I'm glad you brought this up, Rob, because I forgot to mention it yesterday. I too saw that the first go-around of videos and said the same thing you just did in my first post on the Jerusalem UFO. Back in December, it was reported widely in western mainstream media that Israel had shot down a UFO over a nuclear installation.

    Interestingly, those flashes you noticed are visible in the first, second, and now fourth vids released. They're absent from the third video, which has since been proven a fake. Before I became aware the third vid was a hoax, I opined the absence of the flashes may be evidence in support of my theory the reason the craft shot UP was because it was being shot AT.

    Now we have this video, and I'm happy you reminded me. I downloaded the video yesterday and examined it frame-by-frame. Each of the flashes of light seems to be generated not only from the point of the craft, but from a coinciding point just to the right of the craft, in mid-air. My new hypothesis: Whatever weapons Israel fired at the craft were destroyed by a sort of protective shield around the craft. The energy of their mass and momentum was broken down into energy's simplest form: LIGHT.

    I feel another post coming along.


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