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For the Anonymous chemtrail denier

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A recent conversation has been stuck in the back of my mind.  It was with an anonymous commenter to an unrelated post.  I had a feeling it wouldn't be long before I had a chance to capture on camera exactly what I was professing to him, and what I've been testifying to in my blogs - that there is a definite and marked difference between normal jet contrails that we've seen since the dawn of the jet engine and chemtrails, a phenomenon that has developed in just the past 15 years or so.

I was born in 1973. Like many kids, I would stare up at the sky and wonder at the jets flying so high and so fast that the sound of their engines always seemed to be coming from a part of the sky that was already behind them. I remember laying on my back with my eyes to the midsummer sky, watching as the whispy white contrails disappeared at the same speed the plane was traveling. It appeared as if the jet had a long white tail that it happily dragged behind it. Some contrails were a little longer than others, but no matter what, the contrails disappeared at the same speed as the plane.

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Another important thing to note about these contrails is they would disappear within seconds. Literally mere seconds. While I was watching airliners traverse the sky, I used to stop my eye on the tail of the jet and fix my gaze to that spot in the sky. I would then count the seconds it took for the contrail in that patch of the azure heavens to dissolve away to invisibility.

Then, somewhere in early adulthood I noticed a change in the trails jets where leaving in the skies. I took note of it, and I think it's of value to point out that I made this observation independently and well before I ever read the term "chemtrail" or learned there might be something ensconced within their existence.  Because officially, they don't even exist. You can't even get an authority to acknowledge that there's been a change in the skies.

But the problem with the New Humanity is We don't need authorities to tell us what's real in the world. We've caught those who are elected to serve us in so many lies and schemes to bilk or control us that their lies and schemes are no longer effective. We are moving beyond their ability to keep the blinders on us. But I digress.

Chemtrails differ immensely from contrails. Chemtrails do not dissipate behind the jets that lay them down. Rather, they tend to hang out...and spread out. If you watch a chemtrail over time - and who in our society has the time to hang around looking up into the sky for long? - but if you did, you'd see that thick white strip begin to spread out. Sometimes little tendrils will ebb out from the body of the chemtrail at regular intervals. Eventually, after a couple hours - that's right, I said hours - that chemtrail will begin to look less like something that came out of a jet engine and more like...a cloud. In fact, once the sky has been criss crossed with enough chemtrails, a perfectly clear day can become overcast in a matter of hours.

I am telling you I have seen this happen more than once.  It's amazing what you can observe if you actually look at the sky over your head once in a while.

Chemtrails don't look like a white tail dragging behind a jetliner. Rather, they look like a white ribbon the jet is streaming across the sky. A ribbon that stays and spreads out, only disappearing from view when the lofty winds push them over the horizon.

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As I intimated at the beginning of this post, I had a feeling I would get an opportunity to demonstrate my assertions. The moment presented itself the other evening. I took advantage of the opportunity by snapping several shots as I drove home. I was very grateful to have the T tops on my Firebird which allowed me to take the best photo of the set! That see-through roof has been a blessing for a sky watcher, to be sure.

Above in the first image you see the windows of a building reflecting the setting sun...and a pair of criss crossing chemtrails! The second photo shows the same chemtrails from a direct perspective.

The third photo, and to a lesser extent the fourth, capture the Holy Grail of my assertions; that contrails and chemtrails are altogether different things. In this third image you'll notice there are both a chemtrail and a contrail. Notice that the chemtrail plane almost traverses the length of the shot. The contrail? Well, you almost have to look for it. It's minuscule by comparison. Both planes were at the same relative elevation, but they were leaving trails that were anything but similar.

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The fourth and final picture shows the contrail plane crossing one of the chemtrails you see in the first two images.

I realize some troll will probably be by here to spew some crap in an attempt to debunk what you are seeing with your own eyes. This person has a strong addiction to believing things are as we're told they are by those we elect to serve and protect us (see above). They don't give us that respect, and I ask you to be more willing to use your own independent powers of observation and reason to unveil what is right in front of you.

Or above you, as may be the case.

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  1. My friend, i too was an avid skywatcher since as long as i can remember, and grew up on air force bases. i was born in 1966. the little puffs that would follow behind airplanes called contrails were even smaller than the one you have pictured. I believe that you and many other skywatchers are calling these contrails, but these are actually also chemtrails, even though they don't leave a lingering detectable line. Actual contrails are VERY short and do not have 2 tails, they are a little puff that has a short tail for about 3 seconds.

    There are different chemicals being sprayed and here in my skies, they are now using almost solely the ones that look much like contrails, as they are short - exactly the one you have pictured. And i assure you, they create cloud cover just like the more obvious chemtrails ("lingering contrails"). This is most unfortunate since now even the awake among us are being fooled. Try hard to remember what contrails used to look like. It's been eons since i've seen one, and for that matter, ages since i've seen real clouds.

  2. It's quite possible for one plane to leave a long trail, and another leave a short trails, and for the trails to seem to be in the same area of the sky. Either the planes are different, or they are at slightly different altitides. See:

  3. It is imposable for a contrail to last 24 hours or longer like chemtrails do. Contrails dont explain chemtrails, 2 different things . NOW weather modification is FACT. Scientists said when global warming gets worse as a last resort they will have to spray the sky to block the sun. NOW say they start tomorrow , Contards wont onow cause everything is a contrail to a contard this is why a contards opinion is obsolete !!

    I seen jets fly same hight and path one behind another and only 1 sprays. Every chemtrail i see goes almost straight up then accross then almost straight down like a huge rainbow. Passenger jets dont fly people towns over. They say passenger jets are the reason for more or trails that stay but i Never seen 1 passenger jet spray Ever !! I have teloscope and binoculars. Chemtrails are FACT


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