Monday, February 28, 2011

Multiple witnesses report UFO armada over Pittsburgh area

I dedicate this post to all my sisters and brothers who are still in denial about what is taking place on this planet in recent months.  I hope this event is enough "really good proof" to wake at least a few more people.

I've been sitting on this post until I had all the info together and enough time to do it justice.  Although the sheer numbers of craft are much greater than any recent sighting over North America I know of, and even though it happened in the rural areas near a major American metropolis, I figured it would slip into the dark night undiscovered by most and unheeded by the few who became aware, like so many other events you never hear about on World News Tonight or

Alas, it seems to have grown slightly beyond said radar blip and I think the time is right to see if I can get the message through to a few more folks.  After all, in my opinion, the video is pretty freakin' good.

About 11:15 last Saturday, February 19th, near North Huntingdon, PA - a town about 10 miles to the southeast of Pittsburgh - a resident stepped into her backyard to have a smoke and let her dog do its business.  She'd just received a text from a friend in the nearby Murraysville area saying there were a few strange objects in the sky and she thought she'd have a look.  Our witness says she wasn't prepared for what she ended up seeing.  The following is taken directly from her witness report on

Glancing around the sky which was full of partly cloudy skies and brisk winds coming from the NW heading SE, I noticed many small star-like self-illuminated objects traveling from the SSE toward the NNW. When I say 'many', I mean like several hundred (and I say that as an understatement) of round spheres all moving in a static, fairly fast pace all heading in the same direction NNW towards Monroeville coming from the direction of west of Irwin, which is SSE of here. My response was naturally, "WTF are those!?" I couldn't believe my eyes were seeing these things.

There seemed to be large groups of these round objects passing, then a pause, some stragglers, then another large cluster of them. Some above the clouds, some below the clouds. It was like the sky's starfield was moving across the sky -- yet I could see the real stars holding their places. Maybe 3 feet wide at arm's length in width. First, I tried to wake my husband, but he had to work at 5 am, and wouldn't get up to see them. After ten minutes of this action, I then tried to call my friend to see if she was seeing it as well, but no answer.

Some of them seemed to be grouped together in geometric shapes, some even in a "V" shape or boomerang configuration. Seeing as they were bright like stars, these could not be birds in migration nor balloons flying upwind, and the number of them rules out satellites or even aircraft. I need to mention that early on during the first batch or two, a helicopter with red lights was flying in approximately the same path, not unlike it was pacing the spheres, or the reverse.

I was in AWE. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It seemed too unreal. They kept coming, one batch after another.Then I saw higher up 2 very large crafts above the clouds moving like half the speed of the spheres/orbs. Very large as in 6 inches wide at arm's length! A drawing is attached. They reminded me of reddish spider web shapes with a weighted red light in center, pulling it down. Reminded me of an upside down pyramid or a "princess cut" diamond shape, a polygon but with 2 pie-like slices missing. I could see a faint gray "cast" of the craft showing sections. It had steady white lights at tips, 2 blinking smaller red lights, with bigger red light at 'tip'. Most lights were pretty dim. Only because it's fairly dark here could I see the detail.

I kept trying to call my friend hoping she'd answer. (She had texted me earlier that night, she told me there was alot of activity the night before and asked me to come over - I couldn't make it tonight - who would have though all this would happen over my house tonight). Finally at 11:45 pm she answered. She'd been in her hot tub and didn't hear the phone.

I frantically explained what I had been seeing. They were still coming in groups. She searched her skies but couldn't see anything from her location during the time on the phone (which was from that period onward). She told me to grab a camera and try to get any pictures I could with a timed exposure if possible. As we talked, 2 more big pyramid/diamond shaped ones went by, one was underneath the other. I tried to take pictures, but they didn't turn out too well (best one attached). She was thinking of trying to drive to catch them to film them, but the direction they were traveling wasn't conducive to doing so (the distance was too great and terrain is mountainous). At the direction (NNW towards Monroeville --see satellite map) and speed they were traveling, it would have made it very unlikely they could be caught on film with better equipment, we thought. But then more of them kept coming. Even after midnight, they were still coming in clusters. I don't know how long I was out there, it could have lasted until about 12:30 am or so on the 20th. In my best estimate, I'd say that at least 800 to more than 1000 of the small spheres/orbs were seen, plus the 4 bigger crafts. Then it stopped.

Here is a video of the event with audio of a 911 call underneath.  This was uploaded to the MUFON report by the witness above without explanation as to how she obtained it, who shot it, etc. 

Here is the photo taken by the witness and mentioned in her report. If you click on the thumbnail, the full image will load in a new window.  As she admits it's not the best photo, but several lights can be seen.

Here is a graphic created by the witness describing the different craft she saw.  She's done us the favor of attaching a map of the area with what she perceived to be the flight path of this armada.  Again, if you click on the image it will load at full size in a new window.

But last Saturday wasn't the first time an event of this sort has taken place in the Pittsburgh area.  Here is another video - from the same area - shot 4 days before the event described above.  Not only are there a multitude of lights/craft shown in this video - but there are numerous instances of the craft dropping/shooting something down to the Earth below.  Very interesting!

I was alerted to this evidence by a friend.  You can find it on

Again, my hope is that these events and corresponding videos wake up a few more people to the slow, gentle disclosure occuring in the skies over Earth.  Our friends are here, and they're trying to get you to notice without slapping you in the face.  A new day is coming, and it's going to rock.  Maybe you'd like to let your fellow humans in on the excitement?  Please - for the love of God - share this news!  Tell people on Facebook.  Tweet it, email it, digg it, reddit it - whatever you can do.  Spread the light, people.


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