Thursday, June 16, 2011

1979 Steelers game UFO disinfo surfaces

It was only a matter of time. Once a recording of live NFL coverage of two UFOs over a 1979 match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys hit YouTube, there was bound to be a coverup in the local media for the Pittsburgh market.

Uncharacteristic of a television news station, a story completely bereft of video has shown up on their website.  The focus of the story is an interview with Bridgeville resident Scott Wethli who claims his uncle invented kites fashioned from mylar designed to look like UFOs, and that the objects in the video are those very kites. 

"This is a UFO kite," Wethli said. "It's intended to look like a UFO, exactly."

"The ones he flew over the stadium are the ones he's made, with that Mylar," Wethli said. "That's why they're shiny up there."

There's no video or image supplied by for their viewers' reference.  If there were, they'd immediately be confused.  Those two objects were clearly emitting rapid flashes of actual light in a constant pattern, not just reflecting the sun as their alleged mylar surfaces twisted randomly in the wind.  In fact, the footage suggests these objects were traveling at a decent clip.  Did Wethli's uncle pull them behind his car?

 I've downloaded the video from YouTube and edited together the live footage of the craft.  Please watch it and tell me if you really think you're looking at kites. 

And where is the footage of these similar kites?  None is provided.  Channel 4 Action News reporter Sheldon Ingram was apparently not wiley enough to demand evidence. In any form.  At all.  Great journalism, Shel!  You're overpaid.

The thing I don't get is why is this being covered up?  With an increasing number of sightings sparking growing interest in the truth behind UFOs across the globe, what's the point in trying to cover up such convincing footage?  Old habits die hard, I guess. 

Question everything.


  1. Interjunctioneast here... Fancy finding this article. You know, after this event happened, I was told by a confidant, that this was the real deal. And that the government was involved. And to never tell a soul that I knew this. Thus why I searched so hard for the video many years later. Which BTW, was very difficut to find. Most games from that era were a breeze to find. The UNCUT version of this one, very difficult... Yes I say uncut since the UFO's were cut from my first copy. I am still on the fence about this. Kites, or not kites....

  2. Oh one more thing. Did you check out my stills? Those were what really threw me on the fence. Dang look at this...


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