Thursday, June 16, 2011

American Spring

The term Arab Spring has been applied to the popular uprisings in the Middle East and northern Africa. Many of us believe these revolutions are only the beginning of what will eventually be a planet-wide phenomenon. Already, similar revolts have surfaced in Greece and Spain.

Peaceful protestor Adam Kokesh forcibly
arrested for silently dancing in the
Jefferson Memorial
It's only a matter of time before The People start demonstrating in droves in the good ol' U.S. of A.

We want electoral reform that allows The People to choose from real candidates, not just the ones corporations have paid to place on the ballot.

We want real individual liberty of every kind that doesn't infringe on or harm another. Yes, this includes legalizing drugs and gay marriage! 

We want real peace, and because we realize we can't fight for peace we want an end to all military actions everywhere by the United States military industrial complex. No more will we allow them to kill our sisters and brothers using our tax money. We will remind them that it is OUR money, and they serve US.  It's been the other way around for far too long, and we will not stand for it any longer! 

We want real financial reform, a currency backed by more than thin air, and an end to the predatory practices of banks and corporations.

These are only a handful of the changes We, The People will be demanding soon.  This isn't about right vs. left.  This isn't about rich vs. poor.  This isn't about us vs. them.  It's not about separation in any form.  Indeed, we will come to recognize the power we have in collecting ourselves into a unity of purpose.  We won't need or desire violence to get our point across.  The numbers in solidarity will say what we need to say.  Join us for the American Spring!

I've started an online paper for The American Spring.  Click below to follow or make contributions.

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