Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Attention Walmart shoppers

Attention, Walmart shoppers!

I've been saying it for years. The United States is going to shop itself out of an economy. All those cheap Chinese goods you like to buy at Walmart? Well, the true cost is about to come home to roost.

China is making plans to set up a new city...IN IDAHO. It will be modeled after the special economic zones in their own country that have been working so well for them.

So, all that money you've been giving Communist China through your wonderful low-tariff deregulated free market capitalist economy will now be used to buy up your back yard so China can save even more money by not having to ship goods across the ocean. The self-sustaining America-based Chinese city will have its own Chinese factories and warehouses.

Congratulations, America! You got what was coming to you.

The good news is that China's way is working like gangbusters for them. Maybe if Americans see it firsthand we'll start to adopt similar and smarter economic policies. Also, I'm no fan of nationalism. This might just turn out to be a good thing for the planet. Less shipping means less pollution. More local goods. A format for the future?

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