Monday, June 13, 2011

Pentagon loses $6.6 Billion. So what?!

I just stopped by Raw Story to see the top headline is over some $6.6 billion the Pentagon has lost in Iraq.  Excuse my French, but big fucking deal. 

Let me explain why I'm a little less than impressed with media coverage of what I consider to be a relative non-event.  Relative to what?  How glad I am you asked!

How about relative to $2.3 TRILLION?  That's right.  Trillion with a T. 

That's how much money Donald Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon had lost on September 10, 2001.  Notice the date.  Yep.  The day before most Americans, if not the world, were duped into believing 19 Arab Islamists with box cutters hijacked 4 jetliners and used them to attack the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon itself.  That $2.3 trillion was upstaged after only a single day. 

You don't hear about that missing money.  Hell, you probably never heard about it to begin with unless you just happened to be paying attention to the news on September 10.  I was personally more concerned with the Monday Night Footbal match up between my Denver Broncos and my New York Giants. 

But now the Pentagon sees fit to create a news story out of $6.6 billion missing in Iraq.  Let's put these two figures in perspective for you.  Adjusted for inflation, that number would be more than $2.9 trillion today.  $6.6 billion goes into $2.9 trillion 439.39 times.  Did you read that last sentence? 

$6.6 billion goes into $2.9 trillion 439.39 times.

Let me ask you something.  What sort of false flag attack and subsequent cover up do you think $2.9 trillion could buy?  A War Machine can kill a lot of innocent human beings with that kind of scratch. 

If the Pentagon thinks $6.6 billion is a big deal - so big they're actually speaking out about it - why did they never have a cow over a figure 439 times the size?  Where did the money go?  That's a lot of your dollars.  In fact, according to CBS News, that's more than $8,000 for every single person in America, including children and others who don't pay taxes.  I'm not even sure I'd paid $8,000 in taxes before 9/11.  That's a lot of your money, just up and missing. 

Do you care yet?

And ask yourself what purpose it serves for the Pentagon to make note of this missing money.  Who benefits?  I don't have a clue, but I think it's an important question. 

Don't you?

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