Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Israeli Spring?

It seems the disenfranchised in Israel, a demographic usually invisible to the American public, has taken to heart the examples set by their Arab, Greek and Spanish counterparts.  Not only have they launched massive street-clogging protests, but they've launched their own tent city.  Even the country's physicians have begun a hunger strike.

Israel's version of Tahrir Square
According to Turkish Weekly, up to 30,000 protesters clogged Tel Aviv Square this past Saturday night, July 23.  What are they so worked up about?  Apparently it's not just in America that The Rent Is Too Damned High!  “Out of 45,000 Israeli couples who got married last year, 35,000 were unable to buy a flat,” said 29-year-old newlywed Meytal Cohen Akerman.  Apparently she and her husband aren't the only professionals seeing the Israeli middle class slipping into poverty. 

Tent cities popping up
Since many young Israelis are finding themselves with nowhere to live, they've started a tent city along Rothschild Blvd., hailed as "Israel's version of Park Avenue."  This location is particularly interesting to anyone who tracks the Illuminati/Bilderberg/Dark Cabal conspiracy.  Rothschild is the family alleged to be at the head of the European branch of the Old World Order, reportedly in its death throes at the time of writing. 

Also interesting is that this is neither one of the uprisings reported to be on the agenda of the global elite according to insiders, nor is it a politically divisive issue.  A recent poll show 87% of Israelis are in solidarity with the protesters. If' George W. Bush considered 51% a mandate, I wonder what he'd say about this.

Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu has canceled a trip and the Israeli interior minister is calling on the Knesset to cancel their summer recess in order to respond to the crisis.

Doctors on hunger strike
And if Netanyahu is getting migraines from all this stress, he might want to consult his personal physician.  It seems Israel's doctors may not be too keen to help him, at least not the younger ones.  Not only are they protesting in the streets carrying signs calling on Israel to "Save Public Medicine" (even ISRAEL has universal health care?  So unfair!), but one of the physicians leading the protest has begun a hunger strike that may well spread to others if their demands for a livable wage are not met by the Israel Medical Association.  Doctors are actually threatening to resign from hospitals en masse!  While this 16-week strike may be nothing more than your typical trade union tactic, the timing couldn't be worse for Israel's government - and the root cause, a debt-riddled society on the cusp of economic collapse, won't be settled any time soon.

That is unless the world financial system as it has stood for the past century is completely dismantled and replaced.  You may not think that's impossible, but a ridiculous multitude of sources - financial, political, spiritual, and even extraterrestrial - say that's exactly what's being set up behind the scenes on a global scale.  But that's a topic for another post...

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