Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clear daytime UFO caught on

I can't tell you how many times I've chased down some alleged UFO someone "found" on Google Maps street view.  Not once has one of these searches yielded anything more than a lens flare or out of focus street light. 

Until now.

Thanks to an email alert from James Gilliland of ECETI, we have a plain-as-day flying saucer caught on camera over the Cape of Good Hope.  As you'll see in the photo to the left, there is no mistaking this for a hat or pie tin someone threw in the air.  It's clearly a flying craft, and it's online for anyone to see.  Click here to see for yourself!

Ah, the wonders of the Disclosure process!  The governments of the world were warned if they didn't give Truth to the people of this planet, then our intergalactic friends do it for them. 

Of course, there will be naysayers.  This just might become bigger than the Jerusalem video, decried by so many to be a hoax.  How, I wonder, will the skeptics postulate this image was hoaxed, considering it's online for all to see?

It's not a hoax.  It's the real deal.  Get used to the idea we've never been alone.

In closing, I'd like to point your attention to the geographical location where this image was captured.  The Cape of Good Hope.  Serendipity?  I doubt it.

Click for larger image
Not Alone
After spending a little more time checking out the surroundings, I found what might be another craft near the saucer.  Click here to see it, then zoom out to see how it fits into the overall image.  Whatever it is, it's definitely not added to the photo.  It was actually out there over the water. 

Let me know if you find any others. 

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