Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DHS reportedly loses explosives in Phoenix airport

Excuse my language, but how fucking stupid is our government, really?

The Department of Homeland Security might need to change their name after this one.  According to TV News Lies, the DHS misplaced their own bomb during a live drill at the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix last week. 

First of all, live exercise or not, why would these morons plant an actual explosive in an American airport?  Make it look real, tell the drill participants it's real if you have to, but don't use an actual bomb!  Is it me, or does this seem elementary?  Here we are, crawling up on the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 lie, and they're planting bombs in airports.  For fuck's sake!  Seriously?!

You know, I can only think of one real reason the best and brightest security-leaning minds of this country would plant an actual bomb in an American airport - especially one that mysteriously "disappears".  It's no accident.  Sounds like a false flag in utero to me.

We should do away with the Department of Homeland "Security" - an entity about which NO ONE at any level knows all about.  How much money does it spend?  That's confidential.  Your sentator doesn't even know.  The CIA Director doesn't know.  How many agencies are there?  Well, they're not all on the books.  No one really knows.  How many employees does it have?  Again, NOBODY KNOWS!

But they're keeping us safe.  By planting actual bombs in American airports.  Then losing them.

Cue the national anthem.

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