Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Week, Another UFO Sighting

As commonly as I and people I know are having UFO sightings, it's really a wonder a majority of the world seems to still be on the fence as to whether or not this phenomenon is real.  You may know I had my first daytime UFO sighting last weekend.  Well, that event has already lost its distinction as of yesterday!

Our family spent the afternoon at the public pool in our neighborhood.  Because the skies were basically still chemtrail-free, I wanted to soak up as much sun as I could.  So, between cooling dips and trips down the slide, I spent the better part of the afternoon on my back and absorbing the solar rays.

At one point, I opened my eyes to see a bright point of light floating slowly.  No sooner did I spy it then it flared in brightness and apparent size.  Once I was certain I was spying a UFO and not a plane glinting in the sun, I tapped my wife and said, "Honey, I've got another one!"

Of course, she was sunning her back and by the time she rolled over and could focus on the area of the sky I was pointing to, I'd watched the bright light fade and disappear completely.  Vanished.  Dematerialized.

Obviously, there wasn't time to pull out my nearly-useless camera phone to record the event...and that's alright.  Ultimately, these sightings may prove to be prods of encouragement created solely for me and me alone - a sort of, "Hello, Tim.  Yes, we're really here.  Thought we'd catch you while you were looking.  Keep the faith!"  But even if they are just for me, what sort of citizen journalist would I be if I didn't share the experiences with those who are also looking for validation that they aren't alone in the emerging world view?

One would expect a worldwide phenomenon to hit the small places, too!  UFOs.  They're not just for Hollywood!  Take heart, sisters and brothers.

Below is video I captured of the daytime UFO sighting from last week.  It's not amazing.  The object I saw yesterday was bigger (or maybe closer), brighter, and didn't flash.  It stayed steady, got brighter, then faded away.


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  1. I had my 1st daytime sighting on Wednesday July 25, 2012 when walking home at around 6:30pm I saw a shinny sliver disk shape in the northern sky.And it seems to match your description exactly. At first glance I thought it was a plane, but noticed that it wasn't moving, it just hovered.I stopped walking & continued to watch. After apx 5 minutes of skeptical analysis of what I was seeing, I had to come to the conclusion that what I was observing was, in fact, a ufo... Two minutes later it blinked & disappeared... Sorry, but I tried to get a pic but it was too light outside & my cell's camera wouldn't capture its image, & I'm merely posting this to ask if anyone in or around central Ohio seen this as well?..


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