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Will the world change on July 27, 2012?

Live long enough, and eventually you'll experience an historic day.  Historic Days happen.  D-Day.  The Kennedy Assassination.  9/11.

Usually, these historic days take us by surprise.  And usually, given the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, we realize we could have seen it coming.  Could this coming Friday, July 27th prove to be the first historic day we do see coming?  I'd like you to take a look at some disparate sources of information that may all be pointing to the opportunity for a world-impacting event on July 27.

The Olympics and the Forecasted Illuminati Plot

For weeks, if not months, rumors have been flying suggesting the Illuminati have planned a false-flag event during the London Olympics.  Indeed, if they are as isolated and near the end of their reign as insiders, channelings and headlines seem to indicate, an incident at the London Olympics might be a last gasp opportunity to turn the world toward war and further postpone the inevitable awakening of the masses.

It is often said that the Illuminati always post their plans in public view.  That way, they feel their actions are fair because they told us and we didn't stop them.  Below is a video that presents multiple possible media "tells".  I'll let you judge for yourself, but I personally find the "I, Pet Goat" portions to be very interesting.

Keep in mind, the Olympics officially start Friday, July 27, 2012.

Wanderer in the Skies

So yeah.  Maybe there's a little bit of available evidence to suggest the Illuminati might have a new deceit up their proverbial sleeve.  But that doesn't mean they could get away with it, even if they wanted to.  We know our off-world friends have turned off nukes in their silos for decades and even stopped them in mid air.

So now I'd like to offer you a less destructive and equally world-changing possible scenario for Friday.  What if the Illuminati's plans were not only thwarted, but our relatives from the stars actually used the occasion to say hello to Earth?

Think about it.  Every four years the planet comes together symbolically through the Olympic Games.  And they just happen to fall in the summer of the auspicious year 2012.  What better a time for them to make a soft form of contact with the world as a whole than when the world is gathered through focused collective attention?

But is there any indication such a thing could happen?  Believe it or not, this is not completely conjecture on my part.  There is a channeled source that calls itself Wanderer of the Skies, purporting to be a part of the Galactic Federation.  Although Wanderer reports used to appear with some frequency, this latest report breaks an unusual radio silence.  The entire post holds some interesting thoughts and predictions, but I found the following portion to be in line with the possibility of some sort of extraterrestrial presence during the opening ceremonies.

Recently, we have met again on a galactic scale to assess where we have come in the process and what must been done further to progress towards the inevitable goals desired by the plan.  That meeting, again taking place on one of our great spacers, has led to some interesting consensus about our mutual situation.  This meeting included those delegates from your world as well as representative of the Federation.  Your people were heard and your feelings considered foremost in the consensus.  We have begun in earnest now to undertake the first in the steps of this consensus.  You will see that first step in the form of our overwhelming presence in your skies in the coming days.  The first advance of the major agenda is underway. 

Solar activity and Mercury conjunction

Adding to the halcyon hopes for an eventful July 27 are two interesting celestial events.  As YouTuber Suspicious Observer has noted regularly in his videos, strong earthquake activity tends to coincide with conjunctions of Mercury with the sun.  The next Mercury-Sun conjunction?  You guessed it.  Friday, July 27, 2012.

But that's not all.  Solar watchers have had their eyes on one particular hole in the sun's corona for months. At one point it looked like a giant pyramid, another revolution of the sun some thought it looked like a giant chicken man. Coronal holes are connected to solar wind. When one is pointed at Earth, the solar wind buffeting our magnetosphere rises. They are also thought to be connected with increased earthquake activity. Well, that same hole is swinging back around and is forecast to line up with the Mercury conjunction!

But I'm not one to hope for or focus on calamity.  I don't bring these alignments up because of their portents for geomagnetic activity.  I bring them up simply because they are an interesting alignment of alignments all on one date.

Now I'm not trying to say something is definitely going to happen on Friday.  I'm simply saying there's plenty of evidence to suggest something could.  Let's hope for the best.

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