Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where have all the chemtrails gone?

Are chemtrails disappearing?
Anyone who knows me knows I take the time to look up every time I venture outside.  I do this for a couple reasons.  First, I'm always hoping to catch another glimpse of a UFO.  This habit of mine has resulted in several sightings; you should try it.  The other reason I look up is to keep tabs on the chemtrail situation over our area.

Thing is, I'm not really sure when the last time was I saw any significant chemtrail plane activity.  Between Wichita, KS and Las Vegas where I was a few days last week, I've seen maybe one in going on two weeks.  And THAT is very out-of-the-ordinary!

So I was inspired to ask around with my friends on the Extraordinary Year facebook page to see if they were seeing chemtrails.  Lo and behold, 9 people responded that they'd seen hardly any lately.  Only 2 said they had seen them, and these two people live in the same region!  But far flung friends are now realizing how many of us haven't had them lately.  Wichita to Baja California.  Ohio.  Colorado Springs.  San Diego and Seal Beach, CA.  Quebec.  Maryland.  Connecticut.

This is a very interesting situation!  Did something happen to severely curtail the elites' ability to chemtrail our skies?  Is this a sign that things really are changing?  Maybe I'm rejoicing prematurely, but I'll take hope where I can get it - and this is development is definitely something to share and celebrate!

If you're reading this, I'm going to ask you to do 3 things:

1) Go to our facebook page, like us and leave a comment on the chemtrail post at the top.  Let us know whether you've been seeing chemtrails in your area.

2) Share the post on your wall, asking your friends the same.

3) GO OUTSIDE!  If you have the rare opportunity to soak up some sun unobstructed by chemtrails, do it! Your body needs that sunlight to use Vitamin D to make you strong and full of energy.  It's also one of the best things you can do to PREVENT cancer!

Please, and thank you!



  1. It seems like since the wildfires started they have been have slowed down spraying quite alot!

  2. Actually,  I saw the planes putting lots of them in the sky today, here in NY.  They sometimes don't put them up on major holidays because the pilots have to celebrate the freedoms that they are helping take away from us too.

  3. To all who live in la-la land, chemtrails are still high on 'their' agenda for Erie, PA. We still get hammered; aren't we the lucky ones??

  4. Charleston, SC - still got them. I heard they fly out of Key West. I'm into the love & light but it would really help if .....

  5. Still chem-free in Wichita. My best wishes for all of you still experiencing the chem dumps over your area. I hope you get to see the blue sky soon.

  6. I didn't see any chemtrails in the sky during my entire I-5 auto trip down from Northern to Southern California on June 17, 2012, and I haven't seen any in these gorgeous skies. I have been staying in San Pedro and La Mirada. It is so refreshing to have skies without graffiti! We need to make an issue of this--it's the only way to stop it.

  7. One of the scenarios I've been considering as a possible explanation for the remarkable shift in chemtrail activity across the globe goes as follows: The good guys secretly (for now) wrested control of the program from the elites. They are now using them sparingly for the purpose of controlling the weather only; no mass dumping of toxins or HAARP reflectors.

    The satellite imagery of the chemtrails actually decreasing the storm off the US Pacific coast could be evidence that's just what happened.

    What do you guys think?

  8. In Southern Europe, I haven't seen any chemtrail since November 2013.


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