Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My weird Las Vegas dream

I had a very unusual dream while attending a national conference in Las Vegas last week.  My wife and I were staying in a room overlooking the strip from the top floor of Planet Hollywood.  After my conference wrapped up she and I went out for the night, taking in the Fremont Street Experience, the Bellagio fountains, the Eiffel Tower and more.  By the time we were finished I was so tired I crashed out on her.

The view from our room
The next thing I know, I awoke in our room to the earth shaking.  The sun was now up and I could physically feel the earth quaking.  It wasn't a terribly frightening experience, and the shaking wasn't violent.  I found myself more intrigued than afraid.  I kept trying to wake my wife.  The shaking went on for several moments.  I could hear people yelling below in the street and outside our room.  I kept trying to wake my wife, telling her she was going to miss out on the experience.

After the shaking subsided, I got out of bed and walked toward the door of the room.  There, I found the tiniest little puppy.  It looked like a pug.  I'm not a big fan of pugs or any small dogs, really, but this little thing was terribly cute.  Then, following it was a tiny Chihuahua puppy.  Then there was a big tan pit bull mix which turned around at the door and growled at the multitude of other tiny dogs following it.  It wasn't a menacing growl.  More, it seemed like this dog was being protective of me or didn't want to share my attention and affection with the others.  I gave it a "now, now" and patted its hindquarters and watched as the parade of puppies continued into the room.  I remember walking toward the bed and the main part of the room and there was an area of small grayish white tiles on the floor.  The dream was so detailed I remember there were a couple places on the floor where the tile was missing.

The last thing I clearly remember was picking up an old Basset Hound with a misshapen neck and feeling compassion for the poor thing.

The dream went on from there and had something to do with my wife, who had finally awakened, but I can't remember.  Ultimately, the my alarm went off and I woke up for real and I woke up in the very room I'd just been dreaming I was in.  The only real difference was the real room didn't have the tile at the entry way.  I was pretty confused for a few seconds.

The weirdest thing was...while we were getting ready my wife and I both heard a sound that came from the area of the window.  To me, it sounded like a dog whining one time; a very strange sound to hear on the 23rd floor of a Las Vegas hotel.  The wife isn't sure what she heard.  But it wasn't until after I heard this sound that I told her about the dream.  

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