Friday, August 23, 2013

Is the cycle of synchronicity hitting its peak?

While I was cooking dinner last night, I poked my head around the corner to see what my daughter was watching.  What I saw on television was an establishing shot of the exterior of a residential building.  I thought to myself, "I wonder if that's what they call a brownstone."

Immediately, that word - brownstone - triggered an association in my mind with the Guns N Roses song "Mr. Brownstone" from their debut album Appetite for Destruction.  I haven't heard that song in ages.  Probably well over a decade.  But as I continued preparing the meal, that song played in my head.

A couple hours later, I left the house to pick up my teenage son from a friend's house.  When I turned on the radio and switched from the NPR station to a local rock station, guess what song had just started playing.  That's right.  "Mr. Brownstone" by Guns N Roses!

After returning home, I found my wife talking with one of our friends in our bedroom and I told them about my surprising synchronicity.  This is when our friend told us about a particular set of numbers that seems to follow her.  My wife and I smiled, because the very evening before our oldest son had told us a similar story about the numbers 1234 (12:34).  That conversation had also taken place in our bedroom.  People who are close to me know I also have a number like that.  It's 11:10, and lately I've been getting 11:10'd on the regular - even twice a day.

Well, it seems like synchronicity is a running theme right now.  David Wilcock just released a new article this morning which focuses on cycles of time and synchronicity and his new book "The Synchronicity Key".  All this leads me to wonder, do episodes of synchronicity have their own cycle?  If so, are we presently at or nearing the peak of this cycle?  I'd ask, "or is it just me?" but I don't have to.  I know it's not just me.

I hope David is right.  I hope these signs are pointing to a looming take down of the Federal Reserve banksters as he posits in his new article.  And if all of Earth really is experiencing the apex of a collective cycle of meaning and synchronicity, what better time for massive change for us all!

Have you been experiencing synchronicities or other weirdness lately?  I invite you to share in a comment below.

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  1. Jung's thoughts on archetypal reality:

    Since the remotest times men have used number to establish meaningful coincidences, that is, coincidences that can be interpreted.

    There is something peculiar, one might even say mysterious about numbers. They have never been entirely robbed of their numinous aura. If, so a textbook of mathematics tell us, a group of objects is deprived of every single one of its properties or characteristics, there still remains, at the end, its number, which seems to indicate that number is something irreducible.

    The sequence of natural numbers turns out to be unexpectedly more than a mere stringing together of identical units; it contains the whole of mathematics and everything yet to be discovered in this field.

    Number, therefore, is in one sense an unpredictable entity.
    It is generally believed that numbers were invented, or thought out by man, and are therefore nothing but concepts of quantities containing nothing that was not previously put into them by the human intellect. But it is equally possible that numbers were found or discovered.. In that case they are not only concepts but something more-autonomous entities which somehow contain more than just quantities.

    Unlike concepts, they are based not on any conditions but on the quality of being themselves, on a "so-ness" that cannot be expressed by an intellectual concept.

    Under these conditions they might easily be endowed with qualities that have still to be discovered. I must confess that I incline to the view that numbers were as much found as invented, and that in consequence they possess a relative autonomy analogous to that of the archetypes.

    They would then have in common with the latter, the quality of being pre-existent to consciousness, and hence, on occasion, of conditioning it, rather than being conditioned by it.

    It is an ancient truth; "all is number."


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