Friday, August 16, 2013

Jenn Franklin wants you to be in her next music video

Jenn Franklin is an independent singer/songwriter out of Nashville who also happens to be a college buddy of mine.

Jenn is working on a new music video for her song "Ready As I Am", and you can be in it!  She says the song is about "taking chances now and forgetting about waiting until all those pesky ducks are in a row.  It's about the perfectly amazing things we can do as beautifully imperfect humans."  The song also touches on the pressures women face in our society to match up to the photoshopped images we're surrounded with daily.

If you want to be in the video, just send a photo of yourself holding a sign with the message, "I'm ready to ________."  Just fill in the blank!  Empower yourself and others to be courageous, take chances, love yourself, love your body, etc.  Anyone, any age can participate (even your kids)!

For more information, to hear the song, and to submit your photo click here to visit Jenn Franklin's website.

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