Thursday, April 21, 2011

MSNBC continues disinfo streak about UFO Disclosure

Ever since seeing the alien body footage from Russia last week I've been wondering who will jump out to prove it's a fake first.  I guess I'm not surprised it's MSNBC.  It seems to be their policy to bat down anything related to UFO Disclosure. 

But judging by the headline (Siberian snow job: 'Dead alien' video is a hoax), I thought MSNBC would actually be able to back up their claim that this was, indeed, a hoax. Guess I deserve to be disappointed by my former favorite news outlet.

Disinfo author Benjamin Radford lays out his "evidence" as follows:
The first is the way the video was shot; it opens with what is called an "establishing shot." This is a common filmmaking technique to let the viewers know where the scene is taking place. (We see this in sitcoms, for example, when we're shown the exterior of a house or apartment before cutting to the action inside the room.)

The Russian alien video clip begins, inexplicably and improbably, with a wide shot of a snow-covered rural area and what appears to be a factory in the distance. The handheld camera then pans right to find the cameraman's companion nearby, and then to a snowy trench leading to what appears to be the small alien creature.

It's clear that the filmmakers knew the alien was there, and didn't just "discover" it on cue. Furthermore, the actors, who speak in Russian, can be heard laughing, and their tones do not suggest that they just stumbled upon a genuine alien body.

Besides that, the scene doesn't even match up. The camera follows a snow trench leading to the alien (suggesting a spacecraft crash ), yet no space vessel is seen. Instead, it's just the alien, seemingly posed for dramatic effect — indeed, one of its legs appears to have been torn off in the crash — as if it had been flying under its own power when it suddenly dropped from the sky.

.It's also suspicious that the alien just happens to look almost exactly like the popular depictions of "little green (or gray) men." These are the typical big-headed, small-limbed aliens that appear on T-shirts, movies, books, and elsewhere. The alien dummy's skin is translucent, which is a nice creepy effect seen in many Hollywood films, but could have easily been made using clear gelatin and animal parts from a butcher shop.

Here's the video:

Do I suspect it could be a hoax? Sure, but not for the reasons mentioned by this complete non-authority with nary a piece of evidence to back his claim. In fact, while the general public might expect a post on to be actual news, this is just one closed mind's opinion based on a series of conjectures.  Do I suspect the body could be genuine? Sure, since no one has been able to point to a really good reason to discount it.

Yeah, the photographer uses an establishing shot. Yeah, the Russians are somewhat jovial about their discovery. Nothing about the video indicates they just happened to discover the body at that moment. Rather, it seems obvious to me they'd previously found the body, used the establishing shot to give their viewers a reference, and then showed them their find.

Why is that so difficult to grasp?

The funniest thing about Radford's so-called evidence is he claims it looks too much like what we expect an alien to look like. Let's apply that to video of...oh, I don't know, let's say a horse. Looks like a horse. Must be fake.  This is the sort of non-sequitur thinking that has worked to sway public thinking in the past.  The public has grown wiser.  Maybe there's a reason it looks like an alien, Benny-boy. Maybe it's a bloody alien!

In the end, I find the shiny transparent layer around the body to be suspicious. Other than that, if it's a fake it's a darned good one.

Furthermore, there were sightings in that very area witnessed my many people.

That actually happened. Sightings have been actually happening at an increasing rate globally since October 2010. There is something going on. There is something out there. That much is real.

Why can't this be?

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