Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene and UFOs

Nary a world event can go down these days without video surfacing of UFOs.  Whether they're observing or participating is up to debate.  What's not up for discussion is whether they're actually there.  The Japan earthquake and tsunami, an Oklahoma tornado, the D.C. quake, and now Hurricane Irene - all have had unidentified flying objects captured on video surrounding the events.

If you ask me, it's a good policy on the part of extraterrestrials, if that's who is piloting these craft.  Hypothetically, it could be humans and the craft could be technology the elite have kept secret.  But this blogger's gut is telling him what we're seeing are the Space Brothers.  They know we've been cultured to be attracted to disaster footage.  What better place to make themselves seen so Earth's populace can become accustomed to the idea they're here?

Irene is the latest major event to produce video evidence of extraterrestrial reality, and produce it has!  Below are a number of videos I've found purporting to show UFOs.  One is even from NASA.  Whether they realized the craft is in the footage and purposely released it anyway as a part of the Soft Disclosure or whether it snuck by them, it's just the latest incident of a UFO showing up in official NASA footage.

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  1. New yorker here.

    It's a relatively common site to see UFOs hovering over the city. Whether they're human in nature is another debate entirely. But the city is a hotbed for weird aerial activity.


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