Monday, August 22, 2011

Israel's Losing Gambit

Ol' Bibi is on the ropes, and I'm betting it surprises the HELL out of him!  The U.S., unable to keep its own economy running, might start cutting aid to Israeli militant groups.  Israel really screwed up recently by killing three Egyptian border guards.  Egypt is pissed.  I don't think you want to piss off the NEW Egypt, Mr. NetanYahoo!  We, the world, LOVE the new Egypt.  They're our symbol of the Earthling Spring (coming soon to a country near you).  It's kinda like going on children's television and shooting Barney in the head. 

While thousands of Israelis protest their own government 24/7, it looks like Israel is blowing new "conflict" with Gaza out of proportion to distract the public and give them an excuse to get young people off the street - possibly by going to war.  But that gambit isn't working.  If you ask regular humans across the planet, Gaza has good reason to fight Israel, considering their years-long illegal blockade keeping food, medicine, and construction materials out of the hands of the suffering masses there.  Israel has made any sort of economy in Gaza virtually impossible.  What do you THINK is going to happen? 

Meanwhile, Hamas is publicly abandoning war with Israel. Even as Israel steps up their policy of tearing down Palestinian homes and building Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.  Now, Hamas chooses peace while Israel tries as hard as ever to foment a war so they can force their own protesting youth to fight.  Looks like one side finally grew up and figured out you can never win a war.  Any war.  You can only have peace by choosing peace.  I'm not surprised it wasn't Israel.  Without a militant Palestinian state, what excuse will they have to continue their holocaust against Palestine and permit them to have their own country?  Here's hoping Hamas upholds that peace even in the face of continued murder and humiliation by Israel. 

If they can, let me tell you how this ends:  With Israel looking like the bad guys they are, and a peaceful Palestine finally freed from Israel's grip - free to live a dignified life and contribute peacefully to the planet. 

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