Thursday, October 18, 2012

Twitter censoring news of Sheen, Harrelson 9/11 truth film

Twitter is censoring tweets related to the upcoming 9/11 Truth film "September Morn".  I've tried, repeatedly and unsuccessfully, to send the following tweet using 3 different platforms:

M. Sheen & W. Harrelson in #911Truth film "September Morn" #AWESOME #Awakening #THRIVE

I tried tweeting it directly from the post on the website of The Guardian UK.  I've tried to send it using TweetDeck.  I've tried to send it from my Twitter profile.  It just WON'T send.

The weird thing is I can get the link to send.  I can get the #911Truth hashtag to send.  In fact, Twitter has posted every variant of the tweet I've come up with as long as it doesn't have "Sheen" in it.

Twitter is censoring Martin Sheen.  Not by himself.  Just in relation to 9/11 Truth!  I encourage you to try it for yourself.  Just try to tweet the following, I dare you!

M. Sheen #911Truth

It won't go through!

Twitter Lawyer Acknowledges Censorship

Twitter counsel Alex Macgillivray sent a tweet just last night acknowledging that the social media platform is withholding content.  In fact, Twitter announced they would be doing so back in January.  So it's not as if they deny censorship, although they claim to be doing so to thwart terrorism or illegal activity.

But is any flavor of censorhip from a social media platform truly in the best interest of society?  It certainly isn't in the spirit of the internet, social media in particular.  Information should be free to all.  Each individual should have the liberty to accept or refuse any idea.  Twitter should not be withholding information or ideas from the public.  It is not Twitter's place to decide what is acceptable for your mind to consider.

We cannot allow Twitter to censor our public discourse.  It's doubtful sending complaints to Twitter or even your elected officials would have any impact, but what would?  Making others aware this is happening.  If it weren't worth censoring, they wouldn't bother.  They don't want people to know, so we have to make sure they do!  People need to know not only the information that's being censored, but that the censorship is occurring!

Please pass this news on to your social networks and ask your contacts to consider why Twitter would want to censor this.  Why don't they want this to go viral?  Why don't they want people to know about this?

Fight back.  Circumvent Twitter.  Make sure everyone you know is awake and aware!

Watch "September Morn"

"September Morn" features many actors beloved by western society.  Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen might make the headline, but older generations who watched "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Lou Grant" have a soft spot in their hearts for 9/11 Truther Ed Asner.  Newer generations might be interested to know "Rescue Me" star Daniel Sunjata also tells me he's in the film.

The film "September Morn" obviously has strong potential to finally wake up the greater slumbering public in regard to 9/11 and the myriad points in the official explanation that just don't add up.  This may well be the film that lights the mob's torches and gets them marching toward the castle.  Once that giant is awakened, the elite group who perpetrated the crimes of that day - and who run this planet - will see their rule end.  Then, the floodgates will open on a legion of secrets withheld from the public: UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, free energy, antigravity, etc.  Onward and upward will humanity spring, and this movie may just be the push that starts the snowball rolling.


Friday, Oct. 19, 9:20am CST
An Extraordinary Year listener posted the following to the show's facebook page overnight:
A W Just twittered and checked twitter feed. It is there. However, it is listed way below twitters I made a month ago. So still really censored and probably not made public


  1. The time of these rulers is running out quickly. They are in their death throws as humanity wakens up to the truth. More and more of society is standing up against these finance hungry beings. I hope, like you, that this film is an injection of truth into the remaining sleeping public.

  2. Excellent Article!
    Good to know, the information is still flowing.


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